Open WhatsApp on laptop and PC : Step-by-step guide

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging app in India and other developed countries also that lets user’s text, chat, and share different media like as voice messages, Video, GIF to individuals and groups. Most of the people use Whatsapp in their mobile phone but some time we need to get our msgs and medias to be opened at our laptop or PC. WhatsApp Web is the system where you can use whatsapp duly syncs with the mobile app and you may send and receive WhatsApp messages from your computer.  By this way you can use WhatsApp on both your phone and your PC or laptop at the same time.

We will discuss here the mostly used way by which you can use WhatsApp on your PC

Firstly :   You can use WhatsApp Web which is a browser-based application of WhatsApp.

Secondly : WhatsApp Desktop which is an application you can download to your PC or laptop.

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How to use WhatsApp web on your Computer or laptop

Step – I  :   Open the desktop app on your computer. Simply type or click here  then you will find the QR Code on your computer screen.

Step – II  :  Now open WhatsApp  on your  Mobile phone and  press on 3 dots appears at top right corner on your phone.  Then select the Linked Device.  Then Press on Link a Device button.

Step – III  : Now scanner of you phone will open. Keep the mobile camera towards your computer screen and scan the QR Code appeared there.

You’re now all set to chat on your computer using WhatsApp.

Introduction of Whatsapp solved thousands of problems of users. Mostly now a days people share files, media and text on whatsapp. At the same time access to both the devices and sync is also important. WhatsApp Web  is computer-based extensions of the WhatsApp account on your mobile phone. The txt and media messages you receive and send are synchronized  between your mobile phone and PC or laptop, and you can see your messages on both of your devices.

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