MoD has launched AGRIM System for Veterans

Defence Pensioners are mostly residing geographically far away from their Pension Disbursement offices i.e PCDA/Record offices concerned. As a result it is quite difficult to physically visit the Record offices/PCDA. In this digital era, it may be expected that our offical communication need not demand any physical visit to any of the offices except in certain cases. After introduction of SPARSH a huge number of grievances are being raised by the defence pensioners to resolve their issues related pension and welfare matter. Considering the matter, Govt of India has established effective Grievance redressal mechanism for the Veterans.

Adjutant General’s Branch, Officers’ Record Office (ORO) has launched “AGRIM –
Automated Grievance Redressal and Information Management” system which has
automated the complete process of Grievances/Request Registration, Processing and
Resolution including online transmission to PCDA(O) and PCDA(P). Veteran officers/ Nexts of Kin (NsoK) may register their grievances online in RODRA after login. Grievances received through other modes like emails, telephone calls, SMS, WhatsApp & visits etc are also converged and recorded in the Customised Resource Management (CRM) Software.

Veterans & NsoK will be kept informed through periodic SMS on registration,
process/observation and resolution of their grievance. The upgradation in the Grievance
Module will be beneficial to veterans/ NsoK by making the process of redressal transparent and providing real-time update wrt their service request/grievances. A Digitized Call Centre with 10 Channel Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Line has also been established at ORO to address the issue of connectivity being faced by veterans & NsoK.

The Call Centre Number is 011-26757700. Veterans/NsoK are requested to make maximum calls on the given number for registration of their grievances on AGRIM for better management. However, existing and other new Helpline Nos i.e 011-20863044,
8130591689, 7683004983 and 8800352938 would also remain functional.

Detailed official communication circulated by the MoD is here –


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