Injustice with Jawan & JCOs Rank of Indian Armed Forces

injustice with jawans

In Indian Armed forces, soldiers are the backbone of National Security and strength. The soldiers are mostly deployed in harsh conditions and they laid their lives for the nation very often. Their work profile and standard of living provided by the Indian Govt is far different from the officers category of Indian Army. Discrimination in … Read more

Pay Fixation Latest News for Reemployed Exservicemen & Role of DOP&T with Ministry of Finance

Pay fixation of Reemployed Exservicemen JCOs/OR is matter which has been approached by many organizations and individuals to the DOPT from 1986 to today.  But still no solution has been found. Yes, this pay fixation for re-employed ex-servicemen belongs to JCO OR category. I am talking about them. According to CCS fixation of Pay of … Read more

Pay Fixation of Reemployed Exservicemen Existing Discriminatory Method and Draft Revised Uniform method

Pay Fixation of Reemployed Exservicemen

Article 14 enshrined in the Constitution of India ensure right to equality to the citizen. It has been documentarily proved that the discrimination in the name of command and control continued even after abotition of British Rules in various systems of Indian Administrative and Defence system. Pay fixation of Reemployed Exservicemen for Retired Officers and … Read more

Reemployed Exservicemen Must Ensure Submission of this Certificate to PCDA

dr on pension

PCDA has already  issued a Circular  regarding Declaration of employment status i.e Reemployed or not.  Almost 100% exservicemen have been migrated to SPARSH and life certificate of all the Defence pensioners must be submitted to the SPARSH by various means as suggested by the PCDA. Now, some Exservicemen have received an order of Recovery from … Read more

Comments of Ministry of Finance on Proposal for Uniform Pay Fixation Policy for Reemployed JCOs/OR and Commissioned Officer

After a long battle of logic and submission of documentary evidence, DOP&T accepted the reality of disparity and discrimination in Fixation of Pay of Re-employed Ex Servicemen. The proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Finance several times with detailed clarification for Financial approval but finally they have turned down the proposal for uniform pay … Read more

More than 300 Days Leave Encashment Allowed by P&H High Court : Ex-servicemen will be benefited ?

leave encashment more than 300 days

In an important judgment, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has clearly passed the order that the accumulated Leave of an employee can not be restricted to 300 days even if he has kept unutilised leave for more than 300 days for encashment . This situation will help the issues regarding leave encashment of Reemployed … Read more

Pay Fixation of Reemployed Exservicemen : Status as on date

revised pay fixation order 2019

Anomaly in Pay Fixation Pay fixaton in Central Govt department for reempoyed exserviceman is a long pending issue. Every year approximately 55 thousand soldiers  are released from the Indian Armed Forces. Defence Forces personnel used to retire at very young age and their average retirement age is 37.  In this stage most of their civilian … Read more

Full Leave Encashment to be Allowed for Reemployed Exservicemen : BMS

Full Leave Encashment to be Allowed for Reemployed Exservicemen : BMS

There are some ambiguity regarding provision of leave encashment limit for reemployed Exservicemen and a large number of reemployed exservicemen have been adversely affected due to the DOP&T’s order in this regard. To resolve the issue and get justice for the reemployed exservicemen, BMS has approached the DESW to consider the issue as the matter … Read more

Pay Fixation of Reemployed Ex-servicemen : Updates on Revised Orders

Pay Fixation of Reemployed Ex-servicemen : Updates on Revised Orders

After joining govt employment in ministries/department under any state/central/local/PSU body, the soldiers belongs to Commissioned officers category of all three wings of the Indian Armed Forces are allowed to get gheir pay fixed at the same stage as drawn before retirement in the Armed Forces service. It is true that some amount equal to a … Read more


dr on pension and decision of sbi and pcda allahabad

In recent days it has been experienced by some veterans that the PCDA(P), Prayagraj has deducted DR on pension due to reemployment of Exservicemen. It is well known that pay on reemployment of retired JCOs/OR with Central Civil services and most of the State Civil services is fixed at minimum of reemployed post and no … Read more