Initiative of Defence Ministry for Ex-servicemen

Self Employment Directorate (SE) of DGR, MoD, Govt of India  is responsible for assisting ESM in reemployment through various initiatives as listed below:- 

ESM Coal Loading and Transportation Scheme. 

The scheme to raise Ex-Servicemen (ESM) Coal Transportation Companies is administered on the basis of MoU between Coal India Ltd (CIL) and DGR. The ESM (Officers) form a Coal transportation Company which is formed by five directors. The Company is required to undertake coal loading and transportation with the help of pay loaders and tipper trucks. The Pay loaders are purchased by the company and tipper trucks are attached to this company by ESM (JCOs/OR) from waiting list maintained by DGR. 

On receipt of requisition from the Coal Subsidiaries of CIL, the offer is extended to five senior most eligible empanelled ESM (O) companies from the waiting list maintained by DGR The company is sponsored by DGR for a period of five years and can be extended by another four years based on performance. As on date 46 ESM companies are operational. No new companies are being formed as CIL has withdrawn from the MoU. The scheme is presently sub-judice.

Coal Tipper Attachment Scheme. 

This scheme is linked to ESM Coal loading and Transportation scheme. Desirous ESM who enroll for this scheme are allotted to Coal transportation companies to own (through a loan) and attach a tipper truck. The scheme is offered for a maximum period of five years and extendable by another four years. 

Tipper Attachment Scheme for Widows and Disabled Soldiers/ Dependents.

Widows upto age of 65 and disabled soldiers having 50% or more disability are also allowed to enroll for this scheme. However, they do not own any tipper but deposit Rs. One Lakh (as seed money / investment) with the ESM Coal Transportation Company. In return, the widows / disabled soldiers are paid a monthly sum of Rs. 3,000/- (Three Thousand) per month for a period of five yrs. At the end of five years the principal amount is also refunded. 

Management of Company Owned Company Operated Retail Outlets of Oil Product Agencies.

As per the policy of MoP&NG, Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) Retail Outlets are made available for Management 6 by Retired Defence officers & JCOs on contractual basis for a maximum period of three years. The scheme is operational Pan India. ESM Officers (upto rank of ‘Brigadier’ & Equivalent) and JCOs should not be above 60 years of age at the time of sponsorship and should be willing to provide bank guarantee as per company’s requirement. 35 ESM have been sponsored by DGR in 2022. 

Management of CNG Stations by ESM(O) in NCR/ Pune/ Nashik. 

DGR has a tie up with IGL in New Delhi & MNGL in Pune to provide a panel of retired Defence officers (upto rank of ‘Brigadier’ & Equivalent) for managing the services and front court operations of all the CNG Fuel stations of IGL in NCR .On receipt of requisition from IGL, desirous ESM(O) registered in the scheme are sponsored. The interview and selection is carried out by IGL staff with a member of DGR. The selected ESM (O) is contracted for a period of five years on a yearly renewable contract basis. Monthly remuneration ranges from Rs.45,000/- to Rs.90,000/-. 32 ESM have been sponsored for the scheme in 2022. 

Issue of DGR “Eligibility Certificate” for Allotment of LPG Distributorship advertised by Oil Marketing Companies against 8% Reservation Quota. 

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has 8% reserved quota for allotment of LPG Agency advertised under the ‘Government Person (GP)’ category. The said category includes personnel of the Para Military Forces/Central Govt /State Govt and Central /State PSU employees and Defence Personnel. Eligible defence personnel includes war widows/dependents of those who died in war, war disabled/disabled on duty while serving in operational area, widows/dependents of those who died in harness due to attributable or aggravated causes to Military Service, ESM disabled in peace due to attributable or aggravated causes to Military Service and able bodied ESM. Only one Eligibility Certificate has been issued in 2022. 

Retail Outlet Dealership (Petrol/ Diesel). 

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has 8% reserved quota for allotment of Regular/Rural Retail Outlet Dealership under Combined Category (‘CC1’). The said category includes personnel of the Para Military Forces/Central Govt /State Govt and Central /State PSU employees and Defence Personnel. Eligible defence personnel includes widows/dependents of those members of Armed Forces who died in war or in harness due to attributable or aggravated causes to Military Service, exservicemen who are war disabled/disabled in peace due to attributable or aggravated causes to Military Service. 

Eligible applicants can only apply when a newspaper advertisement under the above category is published by the oil companies. DGR issues “Eligibility Certificate” to the above entitled ESM/Widows/Dependents which is required to be submitted in original at the time of interview/selection. Able bodied ex-servicemen are also eligible for the said scheme and are required to apply directly to the Oil Company with a copy of their Discharge Order or Pension Order. 

Allotment of Mother Dairy Milk Booths and Fruit & Vegetable (SAFAL) Shops in NCR. 

This scheme is based on an MoU between DGR and Mother Dairy wherein fully furnished shops are offered by Mother Dairy to ESM (PBOR) for sale of milk, fruit, fresh vegetables. ESM are required to register with DGR for Milk / SAFAL (Fruit and Vegetable) booths separately. On receipt of 7 requisition from Mother Dairy the ESM are sponsored in the ratio of 3:1. The selected ESM are required to sign an agreement with Mother Dairy and deposit a security deposit of Rs. One lakh (refundable). They are imparted two weeks of training and then allotted booths. ESM also earns a commission on all the products sold, the commission is revised from time to time by Mother Dairy. An assured amount of Rs. 15,000/- (Fifteen Thousand) per month is ensured by Mother Dairy for Milk booths and Rs 45,000/- (Forty Five Thousand) per month for the first six months for SAFAL booths.

 ESM is allowed to run booths up to age of 60 years and extendable by two years for ESM who are exceptionally good. 835 Mother Dairy milk booths/Safal fresh fruit and vegetable outlets were allotted to ESM in 2022..

Conduct of Job Fairs for ESM as Mandated.

 DGR Ex-Servicemen Job Fairs are being organized Pan India with the support of all the three Service Headquarters. This initiative has been well received by the environment and the ‘Corporate Sector’. It offers a direct interface between the Employer and the prospective candidate that includes on the spot skill test, interview and offer letter for employment in the Corporate Sector. MoU with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) exist to increase representation of ‘Corporate Sector’ in Job Fairs for increasing their employment avenues/ vacancies for ESM. One Job Fair with Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCC&I) was conducted in Dec 2022. Eight Job fairs are planned in the first quarter of 2023 at various locations where the expected footfall of Ex- servicemen is high. 

Sponsorship of ESM for employment opportunities against requisition by Govt/Semi-Govt/ PSUs/ Corporate sector.

DGR sponsors ESM to various Government organizations, Public Sector Undertakings, Corporate Houses, Private Sector, Central Para Military Forces etc based on their requisition for re-employment of ESM. The DGR sponsored ESM are reemployed by the requisitioning agencies after due process of selection by them. Interaction with various stake holders is carried out on a regular and routine basis to generate and assist the Ex Servicemen in gainful resettlement post retirement. In the recent past Officers have been employed with Armed Forces Tribunal, Enforcement Directorate, Central Bureau of Investigation, Government PSUs, Banks (including Private banks and Financial Institutions), LIC, Legal and Medical Vacancies of various State and Central undertakings. A total 8974 ESM were sponsored for various Govt /Non Govt vacancies by DGR in 2022.