List of Benefits Applicable to Veterans and Armed Forces Personnel & Family

Directorate of Indian Army Veterans Directorate has published detailed information on the benefits extended by Govt of India and various state/local authorities for Exservicemen and their family members. Various welfare schemes and exgratia applicable to the members of Indian Armed Forces i.e Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

various schemes for Exservicemen and Widows

Benefits extended by Govt of India (Central Govt) are appended here :-

(a)   Ex-Gratia. Rs 25 – 45 Lakh. (Auth/Source. Govt of India MoD letter No 20(2)/2016/D (Pay/Service) dt 02 Nov 2016. Revised Ex-Gratia wef 01 Jan 2016.

S/ NoDescriptionEntitlementDealingApplicability
 Death due to accident in course of dutiesRs 25 LakhPCDA
Attributable to Mil Service
 Death     in     course     of     duties attributable to acts of violence by terrorists, anti-social elements etcRs 25 Lakh
 Death during enemy action in war or border skirmishers or in action against terrorists/ militants etcRs 35 Lakh
 Death occurring while on duty in
specified            high               altitude inaccessible      border       post,       on account     of      natural     disasters,
extreme weather
Rs 35 Lakh
 Death      during       enemy    action  in international war or war like engagements specifically notified and during evacuation of Indian nationals from war-torn zone in foreign countryRs 45 Lakh
 Monetary Allowances for the Gallantry Awards.        No separateclaim is received from
required. Sanctioned by PCDA (P) through PPO based inputs MP-5&6 regarding Gallantry Award rates from time to time.

(b)   Central Govt Entitlement/Concessions (Battle Casualty).

S/ NoDescriptionAmountProcessed by
(i)Liberalised Family Pension(LFP)Last Pay Drawn(100% of last RE)PCDA (P) Allahabad
(i)Air Travel Concession75% concession in domestic flights by Indian Airlines.ZSBs/ Air
Recipients of Gallantry awards
of     Chakra          Series,      Victoria Cross,                  George           Cross, Distinguished     Service       Cross, Military            Cross,      Distinguished Flying          Cross       and     George
75% concession in domestic flights by Indian Airlines. War          widows         of        post Independence era & War disabled offrs who have been invalidated out of service and the dependent members of their families.
(ii)Rail Travel ConcessionFree      rail   travel    in   1st Cl/2nd AC/3rd AC/ Chair Car Complimentary card pass facility to travel by Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/ Jan Shatabdi.Zonal Rly
Office CW-3/
ADG (Mov) & Zila/ Rajya
Sainik Board
Recipients            of gallantry awardees
of Chakra Series & their                     widow alongwith              a companion
75%     concessions    for travel in second class.War widows.
DescriptionProcessed by
 Reservation of seats in professional institutesZila/ Rajya Sainik Board
 Priority in Telephone ConnectionCW-3/Zila/ Rajya Sainik Board
No Installation fee for Battle Casualties and 50% concession on rental charges.
 Death Cum Retirement Gratuity (DCRG)Based on length of servicePCDA (P)
 Sainik Schools25% seats for serving and Exsm
 Military School70% seats for wards of JCOs/ORs and 30% seats for wards of officers.

(c)    Admission into MBBS/BDS College (Govt Run Colleges). Auth/Sources.

(i)Admission in MBBS Colleges17-20 Seats per yrsWidows/Wards         of   Defence
personnel killed in action.Wards of disabled in action and boarded out from service.Widows/Wards         of Defence
personnel who died while in service with death        attributable     to                            mil
service.Wards of disabled in service and    boarded       out         with   disability
attributable to mil service. Wards            of                          ESM              &     serving personnel        who                 are in    receipt   of
Gallantry Awards. Wards of Ex-servicemen.
(ii)Admission in BDS Colleges1-3 Seats per yrs
(iii)Admissions     in   IITs     at Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Banaras & Roorkee02 seats in each IIT collegeWives of Defence personnel disabled in action and boarder out from service.
    Defence      personnel disabled     in     service       and boarded      out     with     disability attributable to military service.
    Ex-servicemen   and
serving personnel who are in receipt of Gallantry Award.
   Wards of Serving Personnel.
   Wives of Serving Personnel.

(d)  Children Education Allowance (PC). Ref DOP&T OM dated 17 Jul 18. The CEA Rs 2250/-pm and Hostel Subsidy Rs 6750/-pm admissible for max two children from class 1st to 12th should be claimed concurrently.

  • Offrs.    CEA and Hostel Subsidy applications in r/o Offrs fwd to PCDA (O) for reimbursement.
  • JCOs/OR.    CEA and Hostel subsidy applications in r/o JCOs/OR fwd to respective Records Office for reimbursement.

(e)    Reservation in Jobs. Ref DOP&T OM dated 04 Oct 2012.

  • 10% direct recruitment posts upto Asst Comdts in CAPF.
  • 10% direct recruitment posts in group ‘C’ posts.
  • 20% direct recruitment posts in group ‘D’ posts. Central Public Sector Enterprises
  • 14.5% in group ‘C’ posts.
  • 24.5% in group ‘D’ posts. (Including 4.5% for disabled soldier & widows) Nationalised Banks
  • 14.5% in group ‘C’ posts.
  • 24.5% in group ‘D’ posts. (Including 4.5% for disabled soldier & widows)

Benefits extended by State Govt for Exservicemen and Widows

S/ NoDescriptionAmountProcessed by
(a)Benefits from State GovtsAs per State RulesState Govt/ RSB

3.   Benefits extended by Indian Army
(a) Dte of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV).
Auth/ Source. .

 Fatal Battle Cas.Rs 1,00,000/- 
(aa)      15 Aug 1947 to 30 Apr 1999
(ab)         01 May 1999 to 31 Dec 2015Rs 30,000/- 
(ac)         01 Jan 2016 to 05 May 2020Rs 2,00,000/-1st Tranche – 50,000/- (2nd Tranche – 1,50,000/-
 (ad)         06 May 2020 onwardsRs 8,00,000/-1st Tranche – 1,00,000/- (Initially on occurrence of cas) 2nd Tranche – 7,00,000/- (On receipt of final documents)
 Fatal Physical Cas where death isRs 30,000/- Rs 1,00,000/- Rs 2,00,000/-
Rs 2,50,000/-
Rs 2,50,000/-
(1st Tranche – 30,000/- 2nd Tranche – 70,000/-) (1st Tranche – 30,000/- 2nd Tranche – 1,70,000/-) (1st Tranche – 50,000/- 2nd Tranche – 2,00,000/-) (1st Tranche – 1,00,000/- 2nd Tranche – 1,50,000/-)
attributable to/ not attributable to mil
service     incl     those        missing        & presumed killed, where Central Govt Ex gratia is not paid to the NOK (aa)         01 Apr 2001 – 14 Jan 2009 (ab)      15 Jan 2009 – 31 Mar 2013 (ac)         01 Apr 2013 – 31 Mar 2016 (ad)         01 Apr 2016 -05 May 2020 (ae)         06 May 2020 onwards
 Fatal Physical Cas in respect ofRs    30,000/- Rs        50,000/- 
Re-emp            Offrs       during       their re-employment period wef :- (aa)         21 Apr 2015-31 Mar 2016 (ab)         01 Apr 2016 onwards
 Fatal Rect cas (PC) wef:-Rs    30,000/- Rs        50,000/- 
(aa)      15 Jan 2012 – 31 Mar 2016 (ab)           01 Apr 2016 onwards
 Rs 400/- per month per child (max two children) studying in cl I to XII towards education grant to NOK/ legal guardian of dependent children/ major child of all fatal Phy Cas (Not attributable to Military Service) who die during service wef 15 Jan 11The grant is         payable wef actual date of death of the deceased
 Daughter’s marriage/orphan son’s marriage/ re-marriage of widow (No bar on number of daughter)Rs 1,00,000/-BC/PC (Fatal) and BC (Non-Fatal)      with         disability                 more
than 60% and invalid out of service by medical board. Widow       Re-marriage    only
applicable to BC/PC (fatal).
(vii)Edn scholarship to children Class I to VIIIClass IX to XIIGraduationRs 10,000/-per year Rs 14,000/-per year Rs 20,000/-per year (Max)PC Fatal
 Edn scholarship to children Post Graduation Professional CoursesRs 25,000/-per year Rs 50,000/-per year (Max)BC Fatal/ Disabled & PC (Fatal)
 One time computer         grant for wards         &     widows     (pursuing
graduation & above)
Rs 35,000/-For BC/PC Fatal
 Higher edn of widow:- GraduationPost graduationProfessional coursesRs 20,000/-per year Rs 25,000/-per year Rs 50,000/-per year (max)For BC/PC Fatal

(b)   Army Group Insurance (AGI) (

Auth/Source. AGI

S/ NoDescriptionAmountProcessed by
 Army Group Insurance (AGI)Rs 1 Cr (Offrs) and Rs 50 Lakh (JCOs/OR) Wef 01 Apr 2022AGI Dte
 AGI MaturityAs per contributionAGI Dte
 Specially Abled Children Sustenance AllceRs 12,000/- per month per child (Died in harness cases)AGI Dte
 Social Security Deposit (SSD) SchemeAim.          To safeguard theAGI Dte
interest of minor children
& widows    of martyred soldiers         &      ensure
security of their deposits.
 Extended Insurance Cover (one time refundable premium, revised wef 31 May 2022)Rs 15 Lakh (Offrs) Rs 7.5 Lakh (JCOs/OR)AGI Dte

(c) Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA). Auth/Source.

DescriptionAmountApplicable to
 AWWA Ex-GratiaRs 15,000/- (Till 31 Dec 21)
Rs 30,000/-(Wef 01 Jan 22)
All death cases (in service)
 AWWA Education Scholarship 
I to VIIIRs 10,000/- per child upto two children in one academic year.All    death       cases    (Post retirement)
S/ NoDescriptionAmountApplicable to
 IX to XIIRs    14,000/-       per    child upto two children in one academic year.All      death     cases     (Post retirement)
GraduationRs                    20,000/-    per    child upto two children in one academic year.
Post GraduationRs                    25,000/-    per    child upto two children in one academic year.
Professional Courses (i.e. Technical Grant)Rs                    50,000/-    per    child upto two children in one academic year.
 AWWA Marriage GrantsRs 50,000/-ESM death after retirement cases
 AWWA Financial Grant for Sewing MachineRs 6,000/-Wives of service personnel (invalided out from service with 100% disability/ disabled BC pers)

(d)    Benefits extended by QMG Branch.

  • BC Cases. Allotment/ retention of Govt married accn for an initial period of three years and six months shall be granted with the approval of the Station Commander. Further extension for two years or till youngest child completes class XII, whichever is earlier, shall be granted with the approval of one rank higher authority.
  • PC Cases. Allotment/ retention of Govt married accn for an initial period of two years shall be granted with the approval of the Station Commander. Further extension for two years or till youngest child completes class XII, whichever is earlier, shall be granted with the approval of one rank higher authority.

(e)    egtl Centres. 35 War Widows’ children hostels established at Regimental Centres.

(f)     Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) (   3% Reservation in housing (AWHO).

(g)    CW-3 & 4.

(i)     Distress Grant.    The grant is applicable to all serving pers / ExSM or their dependents and is granted as per merit of the case and the discretion of the competent auth.

(ii)   Edn Scholarship – Battle Cas Cases (Class 1 (-) two classes to Graduation)

(aa)Tuition FeesFull reimbursement
(ab)Hostel ChargesFull reimbursement
(ac)Cost of Books/StationaryRs 2,000/- per year
(ad)Cost of UniformRs 2,000/- per year
(ae)Cost of ClothingRs 700/- per year

4.    Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB). Auth/Source.

(a)Penury grant (above 65 yrs)Rs 4000/- per month (life time)KSBNon     pensioners   upto Hav rank or his widow
(b)Education Grant to ESM or their widows (Max two children)
Boys & Girls Upto graduationRs 1000/-per monthKSBUpto Hav rank, widow & dependent orphan
Widow Post Graduation
(c)Officer Cadet Grant (For cadets of NDA only)Rs 1,000/- per monthKSBUpto Hav rank & widow
(d)Fin assistance to 100% disabled child of ESMRs 3,000/-per month wef 01 Aug 21KSBUpto Hav rank & widow
 Daughter            marriage/ widow re-marriageRs 50,000/-KSBUpto Hav rank & widow (Max two daughters)
 Fin         assistance to    Non- Pensioner     ESM/widow
for medical treatment
Rs 30,000/-per year (Max)KSBNon pensioner ESM or his widow (Upto Hav rank)
(j)Orphans Grant on Yearly Basis
Orphan daughters of all cat upto marriageRs 3,000/-per monthKSBAll ranks
Orphan one son of all cat upto 21 yrs of ageRs 3,000/-per month
(k)Fin        assistance        for vocational     training    of
widow of ESM
Rs 20,000/- (one time)KSBWidow of ESM         Upto Hav rank
(l)Fin        assistance        for treatment       of      serious diseases           to        Non pensioner/ widows (Should not be member of ECHS or availing AFMS facilities)Rs 1,25,000/- per year (Max) for approved serious diseasesKSB75%    /    90%           of    total expenditure        for      all
Rs 75,000/-per year (Max) for cancer/ dialysis
(m)House repair grantsRs 20,000/- (Max)KSBOrphan daughter of all
ranks,     100%     disabled ESM           upto       Hav    rank, damaged     in      natural calamity,         ‘R’                      by


(n)Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS)Rs 2,500/- per month (Boys) Rs 3,000/- per month (Girls)KSBDependent       wards       of
ESM & their widows (below Offr rank only).Students who             are
dependent Wards / Widows of ESM       &       Ex                    Coast       Guard personnel             who    died       in harness     /    disabled        due    to causes attributable to mil service / coast guard service, irrespective of the rank.
(o)War Memorial HostelsRs 1,350/- per monthKSB36                                War               Memorial     Hostels provide shelter for children of War widows/       war  disabled soldier.     (Attributable     &    non-
attributable cases)

5.      Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (DESW). Auth/Source.

(a)    Self Employment Directorate

 Coal Loading and Transportation SchemeCoal Subsidiaries. Orissa: Mahanadi Coal Fields Limited Jharkhand: Bharat Coaking Coal Limited, Dhanbad, Central Coal Fields Limited, Ranchi. Chhatisgarh: South Eastern Coal Fields Limited, Bilaspur. Maharashtra: Western Coal Fields Ltd, Nagpur West Bengal: Damodar Valley Corporation, BokaroDESW
Unemployed          retired commissioned     officers (Class I) (ESM) below 60 years of age (Brig & below or equivalent) and 62 years of age (General       officers    or
equivalent). Retired           Officers     are required       to     register within    five       years     of
 Coal Tipper Attachment SchemeThis welfare scheme for
widows/disabled soldiers is
linked with the ESM Coal Loading                          and Transportation             Scheme. Eligible    candidates    can avail this Scheme for a period of five years and need to deposit an amount of Rs 85,000/- with the affiliated              ESM       Coal Loading                          and Transportation     Company which pays back a monthly amount.
DESWWidows (below 65
years of age) & disabled / medically boarded out service     personnel    in whose         case      the disability   is         >  50%            & attributable         to                            mil
service. Orphan children of ESM     represented     by legal           guardians       &
meeting the condition of
being     un-employed & <25 yrs for boys;    un- employed         & unmarried in case of girls.
 Allotment of Oil Product Agencies under 8% Defence Quota SchemeUnder this         Scheme 8% quota     of     Oil            Product
Agencies is reserved for eligible                     ESM/Widow/ Dependents                 under Defence  Personnel     (DP) Category        for           LPG
Distributorship, Petrol/Diesel            retail    outlet including Kisan Seva Kendra (KSK) and SKO/ LDO Dealership (Kerosene Oil Agency).
DESWPriority-I:                     Widows/
dependents                     of posthumous        gallantry award winners. Priority-II: War widows/
dependents of those who died in war. Priority-III: War disabled
Priority-IV:                  Widows/
dependents of those who died      in harness due to
attributable causes. Priority-V:          Disabled   in
peace due to attributable causes.
 Sponsorship of ESM(O) for COCO operator shipUnder the Scheme ESM (O) registered with Employment Directorate of DGR are sponsored as service provider for operating Retail Outlets of IOCL and BPCL under Coy Owned Coy Operated (COCO)       scheme.   Short listing,         selection      and Interview is done         by Oil Coy. Period of contract ranges from 01-03 years. Fixed remunerations range from Rs 23,000/- to Rs 25,000/- pm.DESW
Commissioned officers (Army, Navy, Air Force).Should              be
registered within 5 years of retirement                from
service.Should       be    <65
years of age.
(v)Allotment of Mother Dairy Milk Booths and Fruit and Vegetable (Safal) ShopsMother Dairy   India
Pvt Ltd. is providing ready built  and                 fully    equipped
milk shops / booths to the ESM (JCO’s & ORs).The      Scheme     is available       in                    NCR      viz Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida/Greater Noida, and Faridabad.
ESM.<50 Yrs age.Registration within 06 yrs after retirement.
(vi)Management of CNG StationsThe      selected    officer   is contracted for management of the CNG station by the IGL for a period of five years on a yearly renewable contract basis.DESW
ESM          officers (Army,        Navy,       and          Air
Force). Below 59 years of
ageRegistration within
05 yrs after retirement.


(vii)Eligibility Certificate for Allotment of regular LPG distributorshipThe scheme is meant for
grant      of     Regular     LPG Distributorship       to     eligible applicants.        Under        the
scheme Govt has reserved
LPG    Distributorship         for Defence  Personnel   in    ‘GP’
category. The ‘GP’ category
includes Central Govt/State Govt/PSU     employee    and
Defence Personnel.
Widows        & wards        of     died   in
harness. War disabled/ disabled on duty.Widows/ dependents of those who died in harness due    to         attributable
causes.Disabled     in
peace- Attributable to mil service.
(viii)Eligibility Certificate for Allotment of Retail Outlet (Petrol & Diesel)The     Ministry       of                Petroleum and        Natural        Gas       has reserved locations for allotment of Regular/ Rural Retail Outlet Dealership under ‘CC1’ category. ‘CC1’ category includes Para Military Personnel/Central Govt /State Govt and Central / State PSU employees and Defence Personnel.DESW
 Security Agency SchemeDirector                                    General Resettlement through      MoD and      Ministry    of    Industry/ Department          of        Public Enterprises      had    requested for       employment   of     DGR empanelled                 security
 Scheme for providing Technical ServicesDirector                                    General Resettlement            scheme     to
provide Exsm manpower for
“Technical                 Services” to the Govt                 Est/          Complexes through                 MoD.                   Which includes                manpower     on contractual basis for operator and maintenance of technical equipment.

6.     Army Welfare Education Society (AWES). Auth/Source. www.

Professional CollegesEligibility
(a)Army Institute of Technology (ATI), Dighi Hills, Pune – 411015, Estd in year 1994 Tele : 020 27157612, 27157534, Mil – 3296, Fax No : 020 27157534 E-mail : ait@aitpune.comChildren    of                              serving                                            army personnel       with          minimum    10                 Yrs
continuous service in the army.
Website :
(b)Army Institute of Management, Kolkata (AIMK), Judges Court Road Opp Alipore Telephone Exchange, Alipore, Kolkata -700027 Estd in year: 1997 Telephone : 033 24398335-37-38, 24794495, Mil – 6463 Fax : 033 24794929 E-mail: aimk@awesindia.comChildren of ESM who have
served in the army for a minimum pd of 10 Yrs.Children    of     ESM          granted regular      pension,   liberalized    family
pension, family pension or disability
pension.   This           includes  children                     of recruits      boarded        out and  granted
pension. AMC/ADC officers presently
serving with Navy or Air Force who have served in Army for a minimum pd of 10 yrs.MNS  officers      who            have
served in Army for a minimum period of 10 Yrs as regular MNS, APS personnel who are on deputation and have put in more than 10 yrs of service in Army or who have been directly commissioned in APS and have retired after completing their minimum      service     qualifying       for
pension.TA      personnel        who     have completed     10      yrs     of    embodied
Website :
 Army Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT) Plot No. M-1, Pocket P-5, Greater NOIDA Gautam Budh Nagar (UP) Pin – 201306 Estd in year: 2004 Tele: 0120-2329512, 2329513, 2329516, 2329504, 2329505 E-mail : Website :
 Army Institute of Education (AIE) M-1, Pocket P-5, Greater NOIDA, Gautam Budh Nagar (UP)-201306 Estd in year: 2003 Tele : 020 2343741, 2343742 Fax No : 020 2343742 E-mail: Website :
 Army College of Medical Sciences Near Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt- 110 010 Estd in year: 2008 011-25687642, 25687643, 25687644, Mil-37388 Fax No – 011 25687644 E-mail: Website :


Professional CollegesEligibility
 Army College of Dental Sciences ACDS Nagar, (Chennapur CRPF Road) Jai Jawahar Nagar Post Secunderabad – 500 087 (AP) Estd in year: 2001 Tele : 040- 20081759, 20080243, 20080242 Fax: 040- 27795517 E-mail: Website : 
 Army College of Nursing (ACN) Deep Nagar Jalandhar Cantt Estd in year: 2005 Tele (Civil) : 0181 2266167 Tele (Army) : 0181-806876, Mil-6876, 6879 E-mail: Website : wards of Army personnel provided they have been adopted at least five yrs before admission.
(h)Army Institute of Nursing (AIN), Guwahati C/O 151 Base Hospital Guwahati, C/O 99 APO Estd in year: 2006 Tele : 0361-2304613, 17, 2307101 , Mil – 7559,7518 Fax No -0361-2305697 E-mail: Website : www.ainguwahati.orgDependent         sons/
daughters of widows of Army personnel who were born of their mother’s                          marriage            to                                 Army
person and their mother has later remarried a civilian.Step      children  of    Army
personnel who were born out of the wedlock where at least one parent belonged to Army.Conditions      given       in
prospectus apply
 Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (AIHM&CT) Nagareshwara Naganahalli, Kothanur Post, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560077, Estd in year 1996 Tele/Fax No : 080 64525864, /64525865/64543206 E-mail : Website
 Army Institute of Law (AIL) Sector 68, Mohali – 160062 (Punjab) Estd in year: 1999 Telephone : 0172 5095336-37,38, 5063033 Fax : 0172 – 5039280 E-mail: Website :
 Army Institute of Fashion and Design (AIFD), Nagareshwara Naganahalli,Kothanur Post Bangalore (Karnataka) – 560077 Estd in year: 2004 Tele : 080 60669001,002 E-mail: Website :


7.                                            Misc Benefits.

 ECHS MembershipECHSAll ESM and death cases
 Final Settlement of AccountsAs applicableCDA (O)! PAO
All death cases (in service)
 DSOP Fund!AFPP Fund, Accumulation and Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme claimAs per contributionCDA (O)! PAO
All death cases (in service)
 Leave Encashment
 Personal Accident Insurance claim for DefenceAs applicableConcerned
All death cases holding defence salary
 Demise GrantRs 9,000!-Respective
Records Office!
AG’s Br (Acct
All death cases (JCOs!OR)
 Employment assistanceLine Dte! MP-5War widows
 Assured Decent Last Rites Scheme (ADLRS)Rs 10,000!-Dependent
NoK of deceased ESM incl retd offrs


8.                                          Central Govt.

  • Rebate on Excise duty on purchase of vehs. Partial refund! rebate on excise duty for vehicle to be used by physically handicapped through excise commissioner of the area where purchased vehicle was manufactured.
  • Entitlement.
 Service Element of PensionPCDA (P)Table No 1 to
9    of             Circular No 555,     568, 570 & 582
50% of emoluments on the date of invalidment! retirement. (As per QS).
 War                 Injury Element    Pension (Invalid)PCDA (P)Table No 88 to 96 of Circular No 555, 568 & 582Equal     to     reckonable emoluments last drawn for 100% disablement.
 War Injury Pension (Retirement! Discharge)PCDA (P)Table No 79 to 87 of Circular No 555, 568 & 582Equal     to     reckonable emoluments last drawn for 60% disablement.
 Broad Banding of Disability Less than 50% : 50% 51 – 75%            : 75% Above 75%        : 100%


 Constant Attendant Allowance (100% disability                        and
recommendation of med board)
PCDA (P)Rs 6750/-pm, increase by 25% when DA crosses 50%.
Note: The cap on WarInjury Pension not exceeding last pay drawn has been
removed wef 01-07-2009
 DCRGPCDA (P)Admissible     on     retirement/          discharge/ invaildment subject to having 5 Yrs QS
 Ex-Gratia        (Fatal Cas)PCDA (P)Circular No 573, MoD letter No 20(2)/2016/D (pay/ service) dt 02 Nov 2016Rs 25 to 45 Lakh
viii)Ex-Gratia     (Non fatal,            boarded out)PCDA (P)DESW letter No 2(2)/2011/D (Pen/ Pol) dt 26 Dec 2011Rs    9    Lakh    for    100% disability.                     (Ex-gratia applicable       from      20%     to 100%                    disability.
Compensation paid on the
basis of actual% disability)
(ix)Ex Gratia Cadets (Direct)PCDA (P)DESW letter No 17(01/2017 (01)/D Pension/ Policy) dt 04 Sep 2017Monthly      Ex-Gratia
amount of Rs 9,000/-pm.In          case         of disablement,        Ex-Gratia disability       award               @Rs 16,200/-     pm      shall     be payable    in   addition   for
100% of disability during
period       of disablement subject          to        pro-rata reduction in case the degree of disablement is less than 100%. No             ex-gratia disability award shall be payable in case where the degree of disablement is less than 20%.

(c)                                     Facilities for disabled ESM through National Handicapped and Financial

Development Corporation (NHFDC), an attached office of Ministry of Social Justice & Welfare. (Auth/Source. Govt of India, Min of Defence, Dte Gen of Resettlement letter No 2104/Gen/DGR/Emp-2 dt 12 Sep 2017).

(i)         Issue of Janaushadhi shops under Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi

Pariyojna (PMBJP). The scheme is aimed for the sale of affordable generic medicines.


(ii)             Loans at concessional rates to soldiers with disabilities.

(aa) Obj. To ensure self employment of the persons with disabilities of uniformed services (serving/ retired) i.e Army, Air Force & Navy.

(ab)         Eligibility.

(aaa) 40% or more disability.

(aab) Above 18 years.

(aac) Recommendation/ NOC form service HQs (AG’s branch/ Records Office or Rajya Sainik Board).

(ac) Max Loan. Rs 25 Lakh.

(ad) Repayment Period. Within 10 years. 9.                            Dte of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV).

(a)Disabled soldiers (BC) of all Ops excl  
OP                           VIJAY    (Kargil)  invalided/boarded out/ prematurely released from service in Low Med Cat before fulfilling terms of engagement wef :-
 15 Aug 47 to 31 Dec 15Rs 1,00,000/- 
 01 Jan 2016 to 05 May 20Rs 2,00,000/- 
 06 May 2020 onwardsRs 8,00,000/- 
(b)Disabled          Soldiers      (BC)         of     all  
 Operations retained in service (based on % of disability)  
 Below 50%Rs 10,000/-wef 01 May 99 to
 50 – 74%Rs 20,000/-14 Jan 09
 75% & aboveRs 30,000/- 
 Below 50%Rs 20,000/-wef 15 Jan 09 to
 50 – 74%Rs 40,000/-31 Dec 2015
 75% & aboveRs 60,000/- 
 Less than 60%Rs         1,00,000/-wef 01 Jan 2016 to
 60% and aboveRs                   2,00,000/-05 May 2020
 Less than 60%60% and aboveRs        4,00,000/- Rs        8,00,000/-wef 06 May 2020 onwards
(c)Daughter’s marriage/orphan son’s marriage/ re-marriage of widowRs 1,00,000/-BC/PC    (Fatal)    and BC (Non-Fatal) with
disability        more  than
   60% and invalid out of service by medical board.
(d)Edn scholarship to children BC Fatal/ Disabled
 – Post GraduationRs 25,000/PY& PC (Fatal)
 – Professional CoursesRs 50,000/PY 


(e)Mobility Eqpt / Wheel Chair Modification of carModified auto scooter/ 2nd modified auto scooter.Wheel chair/second issue of wheel chairRs 70,000/- – Rs 50,000/-Disabled soldier BC/PC disable while in service (An amputee/ paraplegic or who requires support for walking.
(f)Modification of bathroomRs 40,000/-100% disabled / wheel chair bound soldier (BC/PC disable while in service)

*Grant of appropriate wheel chair (standard/ motorized) on case to case         basis

on approval)

10.                  Kargil Package for Disabled Soldiers (DIAV).

 Ex-gratia for Disabled75-100%6,00,000/-Invalided out (% of Disability)/ NoKs Of Deceased Soldier
Below 50%3,00,000/-
 Dwelling UnitFatal/Disabled5,00,000/-
 Edn for max two childrenFatal/Disabled1,00,000/-
 Parent’s AssistanceFatal2,00,000/-

11. Army Group Insurance (AGI). Auth/Source. AGI Journal 2016 .

(a)Disability Grant (For disability more than 20%)AGIFRs 50 Lakh for 100% disability for Offrs.Rs                  25          Lakh      for    100%      disability       for
JCOs/OR.The scheme to be applicable to :-Those invalidated out of service by IMB and who are not in receipt to pension.Those indls whose service is cut short on med grnds and who are not in receipt of any pension.
(b)Ex-Gratia disability Allce for 100% disability with CAAAGIFInterest on Rs 25 Lakh deposit for Offr & Rs 12.5 Lakh deposit for JCOs/OR

12. Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA). Auth/Source.

(a)AWWA Financial Grant for Sewing MachineRs 6,000/-Wives      of      service    personnel invalided        out from   service      with
   100% disability/ disabled BC pers


  1. Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB). Auth/Source.
(a)Procurement    of                     Mobility eqpt for disabled ExsmRs 1,00,000/- (Max)ESM who are disabled after their retirement with disability >50%
  1. Rehabilitation Institutes/ Centres.                             Auth/Source.  
Institutes/ CentresSupported ByFacilities
(a)Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre (PRC, Kirkee) Range Hills, Kirkee, Pune- 411020. Tele No: 3191(Army) / 020-2602 3191 (Civil) Website: www.para-rehab.orgKSB80 beds.Rs 30,000/-per year per indl by KSB.
(b)Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre (PRC, Mohali) S.A.S. Nagar, Phase-VI, Mohali, Distt. Mohali – 160055 (Pb.) Tele No: 172-2225352 Website: www.prcmohali.comKSB30 beds.Rs 30,000/-per year per indl by KSB.
(c)Cheshire Homes, Delhi Holy Family Hospital, Okhla Road, New Delhi – 110025 Tel.No : 011-26311069, 26917569, 26314727 Website:Delhi,For    leprosy     patients, mentally           handicapped patients, and chronic spastic / paraplegic and TB patients. Rs 9,000/-pa per indl by KSB.
nit. com
 Cheshire Homes India, Dehradun Govind Bhavan, 16 Pritam Road, Dehradun-248001 Uttarakhand Tel.No :0135 267331, 2670820 Email;Dehradun in
 Cheshire Homes India, Lucknow 107 A South City, Raebareilly Rd, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh – 226025 Tel.No : +91 9956863333, +91522 2440191 Website:Lucknow
 All India Gorkha Ex-servicemen Welfare Association, DehradunDehradunYearly grant Rs 12,00,000/- per year.

Note. The above mentioned schemes are subject to constant review to ensure maximum benefits for the beneficiaries. All are required to visit related websites as given for updated information.


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