How to Link SPARSH with Aadhaar to get Pension Regularly

how to link aadhar with sparsh

After checking of migration status in SPARSH portal, if your Aadhaar Number not found exist in your SPARSH profile, following steps are required to be taken by the Defence Pensioners.  Linking Aadhaar with SPARSH is most important for a Defence Pensioners.

Step – 1 :  To get access to your Profile Login to  website on your PC/ Laptop/ Mobile. 

Step – 2 :  Go to Module – “Services”  and then click on “Update Aadhaar” option under sub module “Track”. 

Step – 3 :  Fill two field  (i) PPO No ( received from SPARSH) and  (ii) another column of Legacy PPO No (your old PPO). 

Step – 4 :  Click on “Verify and Proceed”. (e) A message “Aadhaar Demographic Validation Failed” appear on the screen, click “OK” enter your Aadhaar No and upload your Aadhaar image/ photo/ pdf file from your PC/ Mobile/ Laptop and then you can see attach file view then click on submit button. 

Step – 5 :  A message “Aadhaar No Update request initiated successfully with token no xxxxxxxxxx. This is subject to approval by your Records Office” appear on the screen. (g) Your Aadhaar request receive by your Records Office within 4-5 working days and then they will approved if found correct. 

Step – 6 :  On approval, after 3-4 days later you will be enabled to submit Digital Life Certificate (DLC).   Click on your SPARSH profile “ Identificate/Life Certificate” tab and check your life certificate due date.

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