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Concession in Fees and Reservation for Serving and Retired Soldiers

Wards of soldiers in service and veterans are being honoured with the fee concession and reservation in seats in various educational Institutes. Details are reproduced here.

B/44607/AG/Misc/CW-3/Edn                                                           21 Feb 2024



  1. This Directorate had contacted number of reputed educational institutions i.e. Universities/Colleges/Schools as well as Preparatory Institutions for JEE & NEET examinations for grant of fee concession and reservation of seats in their institutions for wards of Serving/Retired Army Personnel including wards of Veer Naris. Details of the same are enclosed herewith as per Appendix att.
  2. You are requested to give it vide publicity on your website & details of the same be shared with children and also their parents through Army Public Schools so that benefit could be derived by desirous parents as per their choice.

Col, CW-3&4

Ends : As above



(Refer to CW Dte/CW-3 Note No B/44607/AG/Misc/CW-3/Edn dated 21 Feb 2024)

Concession by Reputed Universities/Edn Institutes for UGIPG Courses

  1. Manav Rachna University, Faridabad (Haryana).
  • 25% concession in Tuition Fees for all courses.
  • 10% reservation in all courses.
  • 20 Seats Reserved in Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS).
  • Priority in hostel accommodation.
  • Contact.

Tele                    : 0129-4198600(30 Lines), 0129-4198100 (30 Lines)

Email                  :

Website              :

2.   Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaqhat, Distt-Solan


  • 10% reservation in all courses.
  • 30% concession in tuition fees for wards of Serving and Retired personnel.
  • 35% concession in tuition fee for wards of Veer Naris/Disabled Soldiers.
  • Contact.

Tele                       : 01792-257999 (30 Lines)

Website             :

3.    Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology, Delhi-Meerut Road, Ghaziabad (UP).

  • 30% Concession in tuition fee for all courses for 1st Academic Year only.
  • 10 Seats reserved in each course.
  • Fee can be deposited in two installments.
  • Contact.

Tele                          : 1800120777755, 0120-2788273, 2784224

Email                :

4.     University of Engineering & Management, Kolkata.

  • Res of 02 seats in each course being run by the University.
  • 50% freeship to all wards of Army Pers.
  • 100% freeship to the wards of Army Pers get 90% and above marks in Higher Secondary.
  • Contact.

Tele                           : 033-23572059 (Admissions), FAX : 033-23578302

Email              :

Website               :

5.              Parul University, Vadodara (Gujarat).

  • Offer for Army Pers. Waiver of 40% tuition fee for Gallantry Awardees and 30% tuition fee for Servino/Rptri Army Pers.
  • Offer for Wards/Dependents of Army Pers. Waiver of 50% tuition fee for the wards of battle/physical casualties (Attributable to Mil Service), 40% for Gallantry Awardees and 30% for wards of Serving/Retd pers.
  • Contact.

Tele No       : 02668-260300/307

Fax          : 02668-260201

E-mail          :

Website          :

6.     FLAME University, Pune.

  • Concession in fees/other charges to the extent of 100% (Freeship) for up to 10 wards of Army personnel killed/disabled in action.
  • Concession in fees and other charges to the extent of 75% to 10 wards of serving Army personnel.
  • Concession in fees and other charges to the extent of 50% to 10 wards of Retd Army personnel.
  • Being a fully residential campus University, hostel accommodation will be part of the above arrangement.
  • Other concessions shall include preferential allocation of various research, innovation and entrepreneurship related assignments.
  • Contact.

Tele No       : 020-67906206

Mob No    : 09823852818 (Registrar)

E-mail            :

Website         :

  7.    Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

  • 25% scholarship on course fee for the first year.                Scholarship for the
    subsequest year(s) will be continue based o the students performance.
  • Five seats are res in non-regulated programmes for the AY 2023-24.
  • 25% concession on hostel fee for non-AC double rooms only.
  • Contact.

Tele No : 0820-2922323, 2571201 FAX — 0820-2570062

E-mail :  registrar©  Website :


  8.            Indian Institute of Technical Training (IIT-T) (School of Nursing & Paramedical

Sciences), Kartholi, Bari Brahamna, Jammu.

  • 50% Fee Concession for the wards of def pers who are residents of J&K.
  • 30% res of seats for the def pers who are residents of J&K.

(u)                Contact.

Tele No               : 01923-222798

E-mail             :

Website             :

Concessions by Reputed Schools

  9.   The Scindia School, Gwalior.

  • 47% bursary/waiver in Fee (Caution Money-100%, School Fee-33%,
    Imprest Amount 50% and Registration Fee-74%) and approx 35.29% waiver in subsequent years for Wards of Defence Personnel.
  • Contact.

Tele                    : 0751-2480750.

Email              :

Website             :

10.         Pinegrove School, Dharampur & Subathu, Distt-Solan (HP).

  • 15% concession on the recurring annual fee.
  • 30% concession on the admission fee.
  • 100% concession on security deposits.
  • 100% Scholarships to meritorious girls of EWS of Solan Distt.
  • Contact.

Tele : 01792-264106 & 01792-275690.

Email             : darampur© &  Website  :

11.                                    Mussoorie International School (Uttrakhand).

  • For Wards of Pers Killed/Disabled in Action. Waiver of entire security fee
    (Z 2.5 Lakh), Z 01 Lakh in annual fee and 10 seats res for three months of admission season i.e. Sep to Nov each year.
  • For Wards of Serving/Retd Personnel. Waiver of two Lakh out of total 2.5
    Lakh security fee, 01 Lakh in annual fee and 05 seats res for three months of admission season i.e. Sep to Nov each year.
  • Contact.

Tele                         : 0135-2632763, 2632007, 2630250

Email                   :

Website           :


12.                  Hopetown Girls School, Dehradun (UK).

Res of seats for daughters of Army pers from Grades 6-9 and Grade 11. Concession of 01 Lakh on Annual School Fep. fnr each child, every year. Contact.

Tele                      : 0135-6170800, 6170809

Email                     :

Website               :

  13.      Lawrence School, Sanawar, Dist-Solan (HP).

  • Res of 100 seats for wards of Army pers.
  • Subsidy in Regn Fee in accordance with availability of the bursary.
  • Subsidy in Admission Fee in accordance with availability of the bursary.
  • Subsidy in Annual Fee in accordance with availability of the bursary.
  • Contact.

Tele No                : 01792-261208/261209

Fax                  : 01 792-261 21 0

E-mail                  :

Website               :

   14.         Hayde Heritage Academy, Kotdwara (Uttarakhand).

  • Concession in general fee starting from         35,000/- to 65,000/- for the
    wards of Serving/Ex-Servicemen personnel per child per-annum from Class 4 to 12.
  • Concession in general fee starting from                  45,000/- to 85,000/- for the
    wards of Veer Naris per child per-annum from Class 4 to 12.
  • Contact.

Tele                       : 01382-229876, 08954103100

Fax                     : 01382-229229

Email                    : &

Website               :

Coaching Institutions

  15. `Prabal Army Super 50′ (Free Residential Coaching Pqme).

  • Scheme.          The AG’s Branch in collaboration with Centre for Social
    Responsibility & Leadership (CSRL) is running a flagship pgme Prabal Army Super 50′, providing free residential coaching to prepare selected wards of serving pers/ESM for NEET & JEE. The pgme is funded by corporate houses as part of their CSR.
  • Presently, there are three centres operational at Pune, Sukna and Beas. The capacity of each centre is of 50 students. It is open to both, boys & girls
  • Contact. (Centre for Social Responsibility and Leadership (CSRL)).

Website             :

Tele                    : 18001037009

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