Defence Updates : 16 March 2024

Defence Updates : 16 March 2024

Indian Navy’s Donner Aircraft will get a new upgrade

Pakistan Army will have six Apache Helicopters near the front. Pakistan has asked India to tell us the time and date before testing the Agni-V. India has said the US statement on CAA is wrong.

And Rajasthan Police’s Intelligence Wing has caught another spy for Pakistan Intelligence Agencies. Today, on 15th March, Indian Defence Ministry has signed another contract with HAL. The value of this contract is Rs.

2890 crore. Under this contract, HAL will provide Mid-Life Upgrade and related equipment for 25 Donner Aircrafts. In this Mid-Life Upgrade of Donner Aircrafts, these aircrafts will be upgraded with Advanced Avionics Systems and Primary Roll Sensors.

which will increase the operational capability of Indian Navy to perform Maritime Surveillance, Coastal Surveillance, Electronic Intelligence, Maritime Domain Awareness, etc. Not only this, but after this upgrade, Indian Navy’s Donner Aircrafts will be used in Search and Rescue, Medical Casualty Evacuation, Communication Link, etc. Rest, this whole project will be executed in 6.5 years and 1.8 lakh man-days of employment will be generated.

For this upgrade, the primary systems and equipment will be sourced from Indian companies. Apart from this, on 15th March, Indian Navy has raised its first Apache Attack Helicopters Squadron. In this squadron of Apache Attack Helicopters, 6 helicopters will be included.

The first batch of helicopters will be delivered from this year, May. Officials say that due to ongoing global security situation, the delivery of these helicopters was delayed, but now this project is on track. In May, Apache Attack Helicopters, also known as Tanks in the Air, will land in Indian Air Force’s Indian Air Force Station and will be deployed in Jodhpur’s Army’s first Apache Helicopters Squadron.

If you want a dedicated video of Apache Attack Helicopters, then comment Yes and Like the video. If this video reaches 15,000 Likes, then we will definitely make a special video on it. On 11th March, India successfully tested the Agni-V missile with MIRV technology.

It has been 4 days since this test and today is the 5th day. But the interesting thing is that the Agni-V was tested 4 days ago and it is still burning many people. Top American scientists and British Defense Analysts were concerned about this, but we didn’t get to see anything like this from the people we expect to see in such tests.

By now you must have understood who we are talking about. We are talking about our useless neighbor, Pakistan. Yesterday, on Thursday, this wish was also fulfilled.

India has been asked to issue a pre-notification for testing of any ballistic missile. So that India can comply with the time limit set in the pre-notification. And this statement came from the Foreign Office of Pakistan, when he was asked about the Agni-V missile test.

In response, he said that Pakistan noted that India tested the missile on 11th March, although India had shared the notification to Pakistan in advance about the missile test, but in the pre-notification of ballistic missile flight testing, India did not comply with the three-day time limit set in the Agni-V missile test. Therefore, Pakistan agrees to this and requests India to comply with the time limit set in the Agni-V missile test. Now, before you ask us what we want to say, we would like to say the same thing to Pakistan.

As far as we understand from this statement, the Foreign Office of Pakistan said that India had notified Pakistan in advance that it would test a ballistic missile, but Pakistan said that India tested the ballistic missile on 11th March, so India tested the ballistic missile on 11th March. And yes, we would like to remind you one more thing that one day before the Agni-V missile test, China’s research vessel entered the Bay of Bengal region. So if you still think this is a coincidence, then you are very wrong.

And you can also understand why it is very important for Pakistan that if India is testing any ballistic missile, then India should test the ballistic missile on the date set for the test in advance. Because Pakistan also has to send information somewhere. So as you all know, on 11th March, the mission was launched, and on the other hand, on 11th March, the Indian government issued a notification to implement the Citizenship Amendment Act, and many in India supported this act, and some opposed it.

But as long as it was going on internally, it was fine. But now there are some foreign powers also involved in this matter. And one of them is America.

So the US State Department has raised concerns about India’s CAA Act.

And in which the US State Department said that respect for religious freedom and equal treatment of all communities under the law is a basic democratic principle. And they said that they are monitoring this act very closely, and they will see how it is implemented.

And the US State Department’s response was in response to a question. And the question was that the CAA Act has talked about giving citizenship to everyone except the Muslims. And so the US State Department said that they are very concerned about this act.

So now on this comment of the US, an official comment has also come from the spokesperson of the Indian Foreign Ministry, in which the Indian Foreign Ministry clearly states that the US statement on the implementation of CAA is misplaced, misinformed, and unforeignted. And it has also been expressed by India that India does not care about the lectures of those who have a very limited understanding of Bahulwadi traditions. And the spokesperson of the Indian Foreign Ministry also said that this act will give a safe haven to the communities of Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis, and Christians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

And here we are talking about those minorities who have already come to India before December 31, 2014. And it has also been clarified that CAA is an act to give citizenship, not to take it. And this has also been clarified because many anti-India propaganda and anti-India narratives are also being run in the international media about the act.

And the main purpose of all this is to disturb the internal peace of India. And the US State Department has also expressed that the Constitution of India guarantees religious freedom to all its citizens. And there is no basis for concern for minorities.

That is, India has expressed that CAA is an internal matter of India and there is no need for any other country’s comment on it. And now we are waiting a lot for our Foreign Minister Dr. Ajay Shankar’s statement. In fact, so much knowledge from the US is being given to India on CAA, then tell that the US law is the Mong Veterans Naturalization Act of 2000, under which some Mong veterans who fought with the US during the Vietnam War were given American citizenship.

In simple words, this is also a law of the US where specific categories of people were given American citizenship. And this one case has also been told to you. In fact, there are many such cases.

So the US’s concern about it is that under CAA, all minorities have been given citizenship except Islam. So there is nothing to worry about it. In fact, this CAA is a reflection of our long-term resistance to India’s same-sex traditions and human rights.

And if any of you feel that by covering this news, we are speaking in favor of a particular political party, then this is not the case at all. In fact, we are covering this news because now it is not just an internal matter, but in its name, anti-India propaganda is being run, internet peace is being disturbed, which comes to the national security of India. And when it comes to the country, then you can understand that nothing happens above the country.

On the way from Mozambique to UAE, a merchant vessel with a Bangladeshi flag named Abdullah was attacked by sea looters and tried to hijack it. And then in response to this attack, the Indian Navy quickly diverted its mission-deployed warships and other assets. In which the Indian Navy first detected the location of this merchant vessel with the help of its long-range maritime patrol aircraft on the evening of March 12.

After which, to find out the status of the crew members of the ship, communication was also tried to establish with them. But no response was received from the ship. After which, the Indian Navy diverted its mission-deployed warship with maritime security operations to this location.

After which, on the morning of March 14, this hijacked merchant vessel was intercepted. And the crew of this merchant vessel, which included all the Bangladeshi nationals, were kept captive by armed pirates. Whose security was ensured by the Indian Navy.

Kept its warship near this merchant vessel until it reached the territorial waters of Somalia. And the warship used in this mission by the Indian Navy was INS Tarkash, which is a multi-role frigate. Today, Indian Defense Minister Shri Rajan Singh has inaugurated the newly-constructed headquarters of the Indian Navy in Delhi Cantt.

And this is the first independent headquarters of the Indian Navy in Delhi. While the previous navy operated from 13 different locations. Another update is that the Rajasthan police have arrested a person from the Shri Ganga Nagar district of Rajasthan.

And the accusation on this is that he was sharing some strategic information of the Indian Army And he was also spying on the army. This person was identified as Anand Raj Singh. And he is only 22 years old.

And he was arrested yesterday on Thursday. And according to the report of PTI News Agency, in which additional DGP intelligence has been told that Anand Raj Singh was sharing strategic information related to the army with three female handlers of Pakistani intelligence agencies through social media. And the police official also says that this person also runs a uniform store outside the Shri Ganga Nagar Suratgarh Army Cantt.

Although he had closed his shop a while ago and then he started working in a factory. But during this time period, he was also in touch with the female handlers of the Pakistani intelligence agencies. And the confidential information related to the army was obtained from its sources.

And this accused had also asked for money in return for sharing this information with the Pakistani intelligence operatives. The rest of the DGP was informed that the intelligence wing of the Rajasthan police is constantly monitoring such espionage activities conducted by the Pakistani intelligence agencies. The most worrying thing about all this is that there are such sources of Anand Raj Singh, which were giving him confidential information about the army.

And it is very important to catch those sources. And now is the time of today’s history. One day in 1948, in Jammu and Kashmir, Major Satyapal Chopra was identified as a brave and courageous man. He was honored with the Mahavir Chakra after his death.

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