2 Big Updates for Exservicemen and Dependents : 04 April 2024

ECHS will allow Full Medicine in Non Parrent Polyclinic also

An useful update in context of your non-parents polyclinic, which you will get the increased medicine. As you all know, all the ECHS members s, if they go out of their parent polyclinic to take medicine in the non-parent polyclinic, then they did not get more than 7 days of medicine there. If there is a need for hospitalization, then they used to get permission from their parents’ polyclinic.

Approval used to come after that. But in its context, now see here, this SOP was given under the treatment management ECHS. What is told in the first point? Within the non-parents’ polyclinic, you had a provision of getting medicine for only 7 days.

But if the medicine is available there and the OIC polyclinic, looking at this from its own point of view, that the beneficiary of that polyclinic, the patient, they will not have any effect, then they would give you medicine for 30 days. But what happened? In the second point, you will see that some changes were made in the pharmacy software, and the changes were made in it that you will not get more than 7 days of medicine in the non-parents’ polyclinic. Now, if medicine is available there and the OIC polyclinic wants to give, even then it cannot give because SOP is not allowed there.

And in this way, this problem used to come there and the patient used to face a lot of problems. Changes were made in this and after making changes, changes were brought in this that the 7-day medicine was increased to 15 days. That is, now you get that medicine there for 15 days and this pharmacy software has been changed.

If the medicine is not available, then the OIC can get you 15 days of medicine through ALC, i.e. Authorized Local Chemist. If you do not get it, then you will be given a non-available certificate and you can buy it from the market. And in this way, you can claim that medicine.

Solution of Permanent Block of your ECHS card

The second update is that all the dependents who have not completed the eligibility criteria, have not uploaded and whose cards are blocked, your card has the capacity to open the OIC polyclinic once, they will open your card for 90 days. And within 90 days, you will have to upload your dependent’s eligibility certificate.

What do you get in the eligibility certificate? Your dependent’s income certificate. If you have a PAN card, then you have to upload the 26 AS of the previous two years, which come out of the PAN card. Or those who do not have a PAN card, have parents, belong to the village, are not made, they do not have so much income that they may need a PAN card.

Then they will have to get an income certificate from the dependent and upload it. There is no eligibility for income above Rs. 9000 per month or above that. Those below that are eligible. Remember that the capacity to open the OIC polyclinic is only once. You can’t repeat it again and again.

So those who have blocks, get them activated. And those who have been activated, upload their eligibility certificate before due time. That’s why this information is provided here. You see, one time eligibility extension. Once the validity is extended for 90 days by the OIC. This information has been shared in Hindi.

For those beneficiaries who have applied for validation and the validity of the card has expired. There is no option of uploading the document online. Yes.

Those who do not have time, do not validate, their option of uploading online is also blocked. In such a situation, the dependent will have to contact the regional centre along with relevant document from the OIC polyclinic to extend the validity for 90 days. And after 24 hours, your card will be activated and you can take treatment.

What is in it? As I said, 26 AS of the last two years can be downloaded using the PAN card. You have to upload a copy of the Aadhar PAN and ECHS card on the ECHS Portal.

And if you do not upload it within 90 days, then your card will be blocked again. In the lifetime of the system card, only once for 90 days, the validity will be extended. That is, the system has been made in such a way that if you repeat it again, it will not allow the OIC polyclinic to activate it.

So remember to share this information with as many people as possible. All non-Indian ECHS users should know this. Next time, validate their card before the renewal date comes.

And those who have blocks, get them opened. Correct the reason for the blockage and meet the requirements. And you can either take these two letters by mail or you can join me on the WhatsApp group on this QR code.

As soon as this information reached there, this letter will also be uploaded there. All the information I share with you, you will get the authority of all of them at the same time on WhatsApp group. This is because no one is allowed to give a link in the description of the video from YouTube.

So this was the information, friends, in today’s video. If you like it, then share it with your friends. See you again in the next video with some unknown related to your welfare.

Content of the letter regarding issue of medicine by non parrent polyclinic is as under –


1. Pi refer to para 20 (b) ii of the SOP for Treatment Management in ECHS. As per policy quoted at Para 1 above on the subject, medicines can be issued only for seven days at a time from non-parent Polyclinic.

2. However, if medicine is available and issue does not affect patients dependent on Polyclinic, medicines can be issued upto 30 days at the discretion of OIC PC. Medicines from ALC is not issued to non-parent Polyclinic beneficiaries. Recently software changes made to the pharmacy module do not allow more than seven days medicine to be issued to the beneficiaries of non-parent polyclinics.

3. Thus the discretion to the OiC Polyclinic as given in the SOP is not available. Owing to this restriction, number of beneficiaries are facing administrative inconvenience.

4. In order to facilitate the ECHS beneficiaries visiting non parent polyclinics, it has been decided to allow issue of 15 days medicines at a time to the ECHS beneficiaries. If the medicine is not available with the non-parent polyclinic the medicines can be procured from ALC and issued. If the medicines aro not supplied by the ALC, NA can be given for the quantity prescribed.

5. This has the approval of MD ECHS.