Change of Address and ZSB in Pension Document : Detailed Process

After retirement, most of the exservicemen required to shift their permanent address location due to jobs and other family requirement.  In this situation you need to change /update the present (permanent) address in your service document.  Detailed process is here.

Step-1: You need to visit your concerned ZSB from where your  Exserviceman I card was issued..

Step-2: Apply for NOC.

Submit a personal hand written Application in plain paper. Your Application to be addressed to the Secretary, ZSB, XXX (who has issued your I Card) giving reasons for transfer to other ZSB. Give name of new ZSB and request for NOC).

Step-3: Attach following documents with you Application Form:- (One self-attested photocopies copy each document)

(a) Two address proofs of your new address:-
(i)  Adhaar Card.

(ii) One/Two other address proofs.    Example: Passport, Voter ID Card, Electric Bill, Gas Bil, Bank Pass Book etc. 

(b) Discharge Book or Service Particulars Certificate (SPC).   (Photocopies of all pages).

 (c) Original ESM/Widow ID Card issued by ZSB. To be returned.

Note: In case ID Card was issued by our ZSB but got lost, then an FIR to be lodged and copy given in original.

(d) Dependent ID Card. (If issued) by ZSB, if issued.

Step-4:   We will issue NOC in two copies. One copy will be for applicant and another will be sent to your New ZSB/RSB.

Step-5:   Bring Original Discharge Book/Service Certificate. An entry will be made in your Discharge Book or Service Certificate for Cancellation of ID Card issued to you and issue of NOC.

Step-6: Report to your new ZSB/RSB and submit NOC copy.

Step-7: Fill up Declaration Form in 5 copies and submit, to start the Change of Address process.

Step-8: New ZSB will send your Declaration Form to our ZSB for Verification.

Step-9: After Verification Old ZSB will forward to your Record Office

Step-10: Your Record Office will publish Part-II Order/NAVPEN Order/POR and send one copy to you and another copy to your new ZSB/RSB.

Step-11: On receipt, take original Pt-II order and DB/SPC for endorsement of new address in your DB/SPC.

Step-12: If you DO NOT RECEIVE Part -II ORDER, pl check  your SPARSH PPO. If new address is updated in SPARSH PPO directly by Records Office, then bring a Copy of SPARSH PPO to your new ZSB. They will make entry of new address quoting SPARSH PPO No.

Step-13: In case you have received Part -II ORDER but Address is not updated in SPARSH PPO by the RO for a long time, you should log in to SPARSH website and lodge a Service Request to change Address. Upload scan copy of Part-II Order in support.

When new Home Address is endorsed both in your SPARSH PPO and Discharge Book, your home Address Change process is COMPLETED.