A Much needed Information for Veterans Next of  Keen 

1) For immediate family pension of wife of ex-serviceman after his death, four documents should contain wife’s name and date of birth correct, complete (in DDMMYYYY format) and matching :-

(a) JN-PPO: PPO of ex-serviceman should have correct name and date of birth of wife. That is, there should be Jointly Notified PPO or JN-PPO.

(b) JOINT PENSION BANK ACCOUNT: The correct name and date of birth of the wife should be written in the pension account of the former soldier and the pension bank account should be a JOINT account with the wife.

(c) Wife’s Aadhaar Card: Wife’s name and DOB should be written correctly. DOB should be written in DDMMYYYY format. For example, 15/08/1969.

(d) Wife’s PAN Card: Wife’s name and DOB must be written correctly. DOB should be written in DDMMYYYY format.

2) For those who left service before 1986, the wife’s name is written only as a nominee in the pension book. As a result, after the death of the husband, his widow will not get family pension.

3) For this during the ex-serviceman’s lifetime, he has to apply to record office through the serviceman’s board to get his wife’s name in PPO and JN-PPO bar. Detailed message (procedure and form) for this is given in this telegram channel on 30 July 2022.

3) If the correct name of the wife is written in the JN-PPO of the former soldier, and that name matches with the joint pension account, Aadhaar and PAN card of the wife, then the widow will get family pension from that JN-PPO for life. PPO is no longer issued or issued separately in the name of widow.

4) If wife’s name is wrong in JN-PPO, and that name does not match with wife’s Aadhaar card and PAN card, then, there are two options:-

(a) Option 1: Give the name in wife’s JN-PPO to wife’s Aadhaar and PAN card. And change your wife’s name in the bank with that Aadhaar and PAN card. As a result, JN-PPO, pension bank account, wife’s Aadhaar and PAN card will become same name and you will not have any difficulty in getting family pension now.

(b) Second Option: If it is not possible to change wife’s name, Aadhaar card and PAN card, then wife’s name and Date Of Birth (DOB) in your service records should be corrected in JN-PPO. For this you need to take three steps:-

Step -1: Apply to your record office through Barasat Sainik Board to change the correct name and date of birth of the wife in the records.

Step – 2: After receiving the Part Two order for correction of name and DOB from the records office, bring it to the soldier’s board and make an entry in your discharge book.

Step-3 : Apply again to the record office through Sainik Board. Record office will check your case and send it to the PCDA. PCDA will change your wife’s correct name and date of birth in the touch PPO. You can view and download the PPO written in the wife’s name on the Prash website.

Note: If the Corrigendum JN-PPO with correct name and DOB of the wife is received, there will be no difficulty in getting the family pension of the wife in future.

5) If the DOB of the wife is wrong in PPO. If wife’s DOB is wrong in service records or PPO, then change that DOB in Aadhaar and PAN card and match with PPO. or

Change the DOB by applying to the record office.

If records do not contain wife’s DOB or only age or year, then apply for part two order by placing correct DOB on records.

Once the part to order with the correct DOB is received, send a service request to the Prash website to get it written in the Prash PPO. Message about this has already been given.

Note: Remember, if both wife’s name and DOB are wrong, apply for correction of both together. Send all the documents to the Record Office through the Soldier Board at once, not separately.

6) If wife’s name is not in service records and PPO, then first, you have to apply to the record office through Sainik Board for publication of marriage. When the marriage part to order arrives, an entry should be made in the discharge book. Then apply to PCDA through the record office for issue of JN-PPO.