SPARSH Pension Credited without Arrears of DR

Most of the Defence pensioners have received their pension by 3 Rd April. Some pensioners and family pensioners of Defence fraternity is still waiting for crediting their pension. In general they used to get their pension credited in their bank account on the last day of the month. But this month, it has not been so due to end of FY 2023-24. But you need not to be worried.

A large number of Defence pensioners has received their Pension on 2nd and 3rd April April 2024 without DR arrears. So, it is expected that if you are still waiting, will get the pension by this evening. If not contact your SPARSH Nodal officer tomorrow.

You need not to be worried of your pension. You might have noticed that a msg containing details of your pension amount has been communicated to all the pensioners under PCDA, Allahabad mentioning that your pension will be credited on 01 April 2024. But it was not possible due to problems with bank.

It has been experienced from the prievious years that, you may get your pension as mentioned in their msg circulated by Team SPARSH. So, with a little late, you got your pension on 02 Apr 2024, in your bank account positively. If not, dont worry, it will be credited soon. Since process of crediting pension is made in batch processing tecchnology, some may receive earlier and some pensioners may get it later.

Have you checked the amount mentioned in the msg you received on the last week regarding amount and date of pension. The amount of your pension is same as it was during last 6 months. So, it is clear that the increased amount on account of revised rate of DR i.e from 46% to 50% has not been reflected yet.

According to instructions of DOP&PW and MoD, Payment of arrears raised due to in crease in DR for January to march -3 months will be paid after payment of pension for the March 2024. So, it was expected the DR payment as arrears during the 1st or 2nd week of April 2024.

The PCDA SPARSH will pay arrears of DR also for January to March 2024 soon, this month. Thanks to Team SPARSH for their wonderful contribution for the veterans.

The increased amount of pension i.e included 50% DR on pension will be credited on your account from April 30 towards. So, need not to be worried in this matter. Take care, have a nice day ahead.

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