Exservicemen are experienced enough to manage the security services of any organisation especially dealing with the manpower and security aspects of any prouductive/ administrative units. In order to utilise the such important resource, DESW has introduced the DGR empanelled security services agency schemes. All Govt organisations/ PSU/Autonomous body & registered companies of the country preferred the exservicemen managed security servies. A detailed guidelines in this regard hs been published by DESW which is reproduced below :-

No. 28(75)/2020-D(Res-1)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
(Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare)

New Delhi, dated 13 May 2021



(i) DESW/ MoD OM No. 28(3)1 2012-D (Res 01) dated 09 July 2012 & Amendment in OM dated 16 Jan 2013.

(ii) DPE-GM- 12/0001/2016-GM-FTS-5410 dated 13 Sep 2018.

Due to Operational and administrative reasons, around 60,000 skilled Armed Forces Personnel (skilled to undertake security guards related duties) are retired every year to maintain a youthful profile of the Armed Forces. Deptt of ESM Welfare/ DGR inturn, is mandated to facilitate their re-settlement through various Govt sponsored schemes. “Provision of Security Services” through DGR empanelled Security Agencies (with ESM Officer as proprietor and other ESM as Security Supervisors/ Guards) is one of the `Flagship Project’ that generates maximum employment for ESM.

Towards above, DGR under directives of Ministry of Defence had evolved ESM Security Agency Scheme in 1992. In pursuance of the same, Ministry of Defence vide its letter Number 4(20)/US(RES)193 dated 04 Feb 1994 regarding provision of personnel for security services on contract in CPSE’s, approached Ministry of Industries & Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) , Government of India for issuing appropriate directions. Accordingly DPE vide their OM No 6 / 23 193 —DPE (SC/ST) dated 11 Nov 1994 issued instructions on the subject matter and further amended it vide their letter No. DPE-GM- 1210001/2016-GM-FTS-5410 dated 13 Sep 2018.

In order that larger number of individual ESM can avail sponsorships from DGR to the ESM, provisions are made to make the process of sponsorships for security agencies transparent through online registration, data updation by DGR and hosting on their website ( the list of ESM registered/ empanelled and sponsored. To further increase employment for ESM, DGR is concurrently migrating to “GeM Portal” for contractual process and enable all PSU’s/Government and other Departments to requisition Security Guards only through ‘DGR’. For implementation and also to ensure transparency in operations/ sponsorship for running security agencies, guidelines are given in succeeding paragraphs in supersession of all earlier orders/ instructions issued by DGR and Deptt of ESW/ MoD.

Individual ESM Security Agency — Open to “Ex Servicemen Class
Gazetted Commissioned officers” {hereafter referred to as “ESM (officers)) in the form of Proprietorship concerns.

State Government Owned ESM Corporations (specific instructions for
Empanelment / renewal are attached as Appendix ‘A’).

Widow of ESM (Officer) in case of Death while availing benefit under
Security Agency Scheme under DGR (specific instructions are incorporated in Para 15 below).

  5.                 Empanelment.          The Empanelment will be done ‘State wise’ and the applicants

will be given the option of choosing only one State” for operation. Change of State will be permitted only once during the entire period of empanelment (i.e only if no benefit taken from the State empanelled initially). Empanelment to the DGR Security Agency Scheme is subject to fulfilling the following conditions:-

  • The Individual should be an ESM (Officer/ Proprietor) as per definition
    promulgated by Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions (DOP&T) OM No 36034/1/2006-Estt(Res) dated 10 Oct 2012 (last amendment issued on 13 Feb 2020 vide DOP&T F.No.36034/1/2019-Estt.-Res dated 13 Feb 2020) and as revised from time to time.
  • Should be a Resident of the Union of India.
  • Registered ESM (Officers) can apply for empanelment for the scheme before
    attaining the age of 60 years.
  • No Dual Income:
  • The ESM (officers) should not have availed any other
    Employment/ Self Employment/ Re-settlement benefits through DESW (ECHS/ KSBI RSBI ZSBI DGR). An undertaking to this effect will be provided at the time of empanelment.
  • Should not be re-employed with the Indian Armed Forces or any other
    Government/ Semi-Government organisation, Central .Public Sector Undertakings, Public Sector Banks after retirement or employed in the Private Sector once they are awarded the contract.
  • An affidavit by the officer to the effect that he will resign from any such
    job / own business venture / consultancy if he takes up the contract should be submitted in this regard at the time of empanelment.
  • The officer will confirm in writing (i.e. ‘Self Declaration’) to DGR that
    he has resigned from such job after getting the contract. Any false declaration in this regard will make the applicant liable for dis-empanelment and followed by cancellation of all sponsorships/ contracts.
  • Consultancy/ Honorarium income of repetitive nature after award of
    contract with DGR will also be construed as dual income and will be the criteria for Disempanelment.

6.         Empanelment Certificate.

The ‘Empanelment Certificate’ will be issued for a duration of five years (05) or up to the date when Proprietor turns Sixty (60) years whichever is earlier.

  • This certificate is only valid for earning Security Agency Contracts through DGR and not through any other Deptts/ Agencies.
  • Empanelment Certificate by DGR will be issued to the Proprietor of ESM Security Agency only after submission of the following documents:-
  • PSARA License for the “entire State” in the name of the ESM (Officer). Partial PSARA (i.e a licence not valid for entire State) for a State will not qualify for Empanelment with DGR.
  • Affidavit. Format attached as Appendix ‘B’.
  • Proof of Office Setup. An office should be setup duly compliant with the provisions of PSARA Act. All correspondence will be sent at the office address. The ESM will submit Notarized Rent Agreement for office space in the local area within 30 days of first award of contract. In case of self/ spouse/ dependent owned premises, no such agreement is required in which case notorized supporting documents will be submitted.
  • Change of Address.       The Proprietor of the Security Agency will not
    change its office address without intimation and acknowledgment from PSARA issuing authority and will be further intimated (in writing with proof) to DGR/ DRZ. In case of change of residential address, the Empanelled ESM Security Agency will intimate change of residential address / email / telephone number within its empanelled State in form of a Notarized Affidavit on Rs 50/- Stamp Paper.
  • GeM Vendor Code. It will be mandatory for Security Agency to be registered with GeM as a “Vendor” and acquire a unique vendor code. The ibid code will be submitted to DGR for obtaining Empanelment Certificate. The Vendor Code will also be endorsed on the Empanelment Certificate issued under the aegis of DGR. A self attested email copy from GeM to the proprietor (ESM officer/ Applicant) duly confirming his registration with GeM will be submitted to DGR at the time of Empanelment.
  • Outcome of Tender Process on GeM Platform. Details of outcome of the tender process shall be intimated simultaneously via GeM Portal to DGR and the Requisitioning Agency/ Principal Employer.

8.     Functioning of Security Agencies:

(a) Employment of Security Supervisor Personnel. The Security Agency will obtain a labour license for provision of contract labour in accordance with the Government order on the subject and will also abide by the following guidelines regarding appointment and employment of ESM Guards:-

(i)     Employment of ESM as Security Supervisor/ Guard. Security Supervisor/ Guards employed by DGR empanelled Security Agencies and empanelled State ESM Corporations providing Security services at Principal Employer’s complex must be ESM (as per the DOP&T Gazette Notification). A maximum of 10% of Non ESM personnel can be employed by the Security Agency/ State ESM Corporation. violation in this aspect will lead to dis-empanelment.

  • Employment/ Appointment of ESM Security Supervisor/ Guards. Antecedents of ESM being employed should be ascertained by the Proprietor. The ESM employed by the agency should fill recruitment forms as mandated by Govt directives on contract labour. The terms of engagement of security guards must be clearly spelt out in writing. All Security Guards employed by DGR Empanelled Security agencies will be given a “Letter of Appointment” as given at Appendix ‘C’. The copies of the same will be provided to DGR/ DRZ. Terms and conditions given therein will be binding on both ESM Security Agency and the Security Guards.
  • Number of Security Guards. Allotment of number of Security Guards to a Proprietor/ESM Corporation is subject to number of empanelled agencies & requisitions from Principal Employers in a State and shall be regulated by DGR. In case of specific requirement of ‘Female Guards’ it shall be mentioned in the “Requisition Form”. These female guards will be over and above 10% of Non-ESM in the DGR sponsored contract.
  • Age of Security Guard and Supervisor. The upper age limit of a Security Guard and Supervisor will be 65 Years in consonance with PSARA Act – 2005.
  • Training of Security Guards and Supervisors: In compliance with Section 9 of PSARA Act 2005, Private Security Agency will ensure imparting of prescribed training and skills to its Private security guards and supervisors.
  • Security Supervisors:       Security Supervisors will be deployed
    compulsorily as per scales given in State PSARA Rules (i.e. • not below one Supervisor each for every 20 Security Guards).
  • List of Employees deployed by the respective Security Agency as Security Guards and Supervisors and a copy of latest DGR Wage Notification (Appendix ‘D’) will be displayed at all the worksites, locations and Office of the Security Agency giving out the details.

(b) Reports and Returns. The following reports and returns will be submitted to DGR in the prescribed format as per laid down periodicity:-

  • Award of Contract. All Sponsored Security agencies will forward “Award of Contract Report” duly countersigned by the Principal Employer within seven days of signing of contract.
  • Strength Return. All Proprietors will forward Half Yearly Strength
    return and Nominal Roll of all the Supervisors/ Guards
    duly countersigned by authorised representative of Principal Employer as on 01 January and 01 July as per Format attached at Appendix ‘E. These Half Text Box: (b) Sponsorship Duration.	All Sponsorships will be done for duration of
maximum of two years only.

yearly strength returns should reach the concerned office within 15 days off the due date and within 30 days of the new contract being signed. This Strength Return will also include the nominal Roll of ESM and Civilian guards employed as 116th relief.

  • Form AS 26.

(aa) Form 26A will be downloaded in the office of DGR during the process of Empanelment.

(ab) Thereafter, Form AS 26 will also be submitted by the Proprietor on a notarized affidavit confirming the correctness of the details mentioned in the Form AS 26 to DGR /DRZ office as applicable by 30th July every year.

(ac)       In addition, the AS 26 form will be downloaded at DGR / DRZ as and when directed/asked for.

  • Half yearly report of ECR (Electronic Challan cum Return) and
    EPF (Employee Provident Fund) details duly signed by the Security Supervisor/ guards and countersigned by the Proprietor will be forwarded.
  • DGR reserves the right to seek any other document for corroboration (when/ if need arises).
  • Requisitions by Principal Employer. The CPSUs/Principal Employers will seek
    fresh sponsorship from DGR minimum three (03) months in advance from the intended date of deployment of manpower for security, including the exact number of Female Guards (if) required. With regard to Sponsorship letter, under no condition, additional/ Female Guards will be employed by the Principal Employee, if not requisitioned to DGR/ DRZ. The format for requisition of “Manpower for Security” is given at Appendix ‘F’.
  • Sponsorships and Duration of Contracts. To ensure that Principal Employers
    gets efficient and effective security agencies, DGR will sponsor more than one Security Agency for contractual process on the GeM Platform/ Portal. Sponsorships will be done in ‘cyclic order’ by DGR through duly constituted Board of officers (BOO) in accordance with the guidelines. The sponsorships will be done in the name of DGR Empanelled Security Agency/ Proprietors only. The Sponsorship letter will clearly mention the GeM Vendor Codes of all Security Agency sponsored.

(a) Validity of Sponsorship Letters. All Sponsorship letters will be valid for duration of 90 days and its validity can be extended only once for another 45 days on written request from the concerned Principal Employer. Any further extension (i.e beyond 45 days and upto maximum of 90 days) will be approved by PD / ADG on noting on case to case basis. In case the tender process of awarding contract does not materialise within the extended period of maximum 90 days then the ibid sponsorship letter will be deemed as ‘Cancelled’. Fresh requisition will then be forwarded by the Requisitioning Agency. All Sponsorship letters will clearly indicate its date of issue and duration of its validity.

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