Good News! Defense Minister approved the years old demand

Good News! Defense Minister approved the years old demand

There is another improvement in the Army.  It can be said that the solution of a problem that was in demand for years in the Army, has now been approved and permitted by the Defence Minister. In this context, a note has been released by the Defence Ministry.

This press release is in Hindi. And the same news that you are seeing is published in the papers in front of you, that the government will not turn its face if there is a serious injury in the military academy.

If a cadet released from the army training due to injury without any benefit, then this was a very scary dream for him and for his parents too. So let’s see what was the problem and what has been improved in it, what has been changed and what permission has been obtained.

During military training, if any cadet is is invalidated  on the medical ground, due to an injury or illness, if is compulsorily released from the Army, so he did not get any benefit, but now this will not happen, he will get benefits of DGR Schemes.   In other words they have been approved for resettlement facilities provided by sainik Board/ DGR.  According to the note published by the MoD, on 16th March, which is  reproduced below  :-

Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare

The proposal is regarding facilitating employment opportunities for those cadets who are invalidated from their training on medical ground due to causes attributable to or aggravated by Military Training.

  • Every year, young cadets join Academies of the Armed Forces where they undergo academic and military training with the prime objective of being commissioned as Officers in the Armed Forces. As per extant rules, such a cadet is treated as an Officer of the Armed Forces only after commissioning as they are not treated as Service Officer during the training period till their commissioning/passing out.
  • It has been decided that DGR Schemes may be considered for such boarded out cadets in view of their special needs.
  • In view of the above, the proposal for extending the benefit of various resettlement schemes run by the DGR has been examined in the Department and it has been approved by the competent authority that the resettlement schemes run by DGR may be considered for such boarded out cadets.
  • This issues with the approval of Hon’ble RM

Suman Sharma
Under Secretary (Res-I)


MoD Id No. 12/1/2005/D(Res-l)                                           

Copy to:-

  1. PS to Hon’ble Raksha Mantri
  2. PS to Hon’ble Raksha Rajya Mantri
  3. PPS to Secy(ESW)
  4. PPS to JS (ESW)
  5. PS to OSD (I&C)
  6. Office File
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