Project BISWAS with SPARSH making more Effective Solutions for Defence Personnel

As field offices of the Defence Accounts Department, various PCsDA/CsDA along with their sub-offices play a significant role in payment and accounting functions falling under their jurisdiction. Being a sensitive activity, the need for monitoring the various payment and accounting processes by the top management was being felt from a long time. 

The Project BISWAS (Bill Information System – Work Analysis System) has been developed in-house with the aim to provide an analytics tool to a particular PCDA or CDA, by leveraging data analytics on the office automation systems running in a Controller’s office as well as in sub-offices.  

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BISWAS’ will serve as a Dashboard to the PCsDA/CsDA, which displays different info-graphics for the purpose of monitoring and analysis of the whole process flow of bill managment, including KPI reports. BISWAS provides real-time detailed analysis of bills processing in office automation systems for a Controller office through interactive visualizations. 

This will improve and ensure the timely payments of third party bills and pay & allowances to Defence Personnel and Civilian Staff and Officers in a transparent manner and move towards complete satisfaction of our clientele.


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