Defence Pension Rules : Family Pension eligibility for mariage after retirement cases

No 6(7)/87/D(Pen/Sers)
Government of India,
Ministry of Defence,
New Delhi, the 2nd June 1989.


The Chief of the Army Staff
The Chief of the Army Staff
The Chief of the Army Staff

Subject :- Recognition of marriage after retirement for the purpose of grant of ordinary family pension in respect of Armed Forces personnel.


The question of recognition of marriage after retirement for the purpose of grant of ordinary family pension in respect of Armed Forces Personnel because of their early ages of retirement has been under consideration of the Government.

In partial modification of the provisions of A.I. 51/80 and corresponding instructions of Navy and Air Force side and para 13 of this Ministry’s letter No. 1(5)/87/ D(Pens/Sers) dated 30.10.1987 in so far as it relates to MNS Officers, the President please to decide that the marriage Solemnised by the Armed Forces Personnel (Officers/ personnel below officers rank) after retirement will be recognised for grant of ordinary family pension subject to the following conditions, namely

(i) that the marriage individual is the first marriage and is solemnised within 5 years from the date of retirement before attaining the age of 45 years, whichever is earlier ; and

(ii) the marriage is registered with the Registrar of Marriage or other competent authority under the relevant law.

These orders will take effect from the date of issue. However, these persons whose marriages were solemnised before issue of these orders will a be entitled to family pension from the date of issue of these orders only, subject to their fulfilling the conditions prescribed in para-1 above.

Other terms and conditions governing grant of Ordinary family pension to Armed Forces personnel/re-employed Armed Forces personnel as may be applicable in individual cases will apply mutatis-mutandis:

All concerned will be required to register their marriage with the Registrar of Marriages or other competent authority under the relevant order to record their families eligible for family pension. However, in respect of Marriages solemnised before issue of these orders where registration. may not be possible for some valid reasons, such casa5may be settled on the basis of:-

a) Succession Ce rtificate from the Court ; or • affidavit sworn before a Magistrate.

This issues with the concurrence of Finance Division of this Ministry vide their ID Note No. 1419 Pen of 1989.

Yours faithfully,


Copy forwarded to:-

1. President’s Secretariat

2. Vice President’s Secretariat

3 „ Prime Minister’s Off ice

Rajya Sabha Secretariat

Look Sabha Secretariat

9- Cabinet Secretariat

7. The. Controller General of Defence Acctts -r S copies

8, The _cntroller of Defence Acctts (Pens), Allahabad,

20 copies

The Controller of Defence .Acctts (Navy)- 5 copies

The Controllr of Defence Acctts. (Air Force), New Delhi, 5 copies.

CDA(0) Pune

11-, Director of Audit, Defence Services, New Delhi.

1.3 The Controller Gr-neral of Acctts, I\L.‘w Delhi

Army HQrs/AG/PS-4 – 10 copies

Naval 11Qrs/PP&A – 5 copies

1E. Air HQrs/DPP&R and DPA – 5 copies

TA Directorate

Director General of Resettlement – 5 copies, (for distribution to a .1 1 RSB/ZSB as also KSB)

Dept of Pension & Pensioners Welfare – 5 copies

Dept of Expenditure (EV Section) Dte of Public Grievances, Patel Bhawan, New DeIhi.

Read the original OM here in pdf –


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