Serving & Retired Soldiers will get benefit with better future for Children : Army HQ issued letter

This is all about an  important letter from the Ministry of Defence. In this letter, MoD has circulated information about the well-known universities, schools and colleges of India, which are providing some facilities to wards of Armed forces personnel , veterans and their dependents.

For more information on welfare related matter of Exservicemen and serving Sildiers you may click here.

I am going to share information about the fees, seats and other facilities provided to them through this letter. In this letter the detailed info i.e names of all the universities, colleges and schools are available.

The government and the Ministry of Defence used to launch a lot of schemes related to our welfare. In such a situation, it is important that we get all the information in the right time. That is why I always try to share such information with you all through this website.

This letter which was issued on 21st February, 2024  by IHQ of Ministry of Defence, AG branch.  The subject of this letter is Concession in fee/ reservation of seats for Ward of Serving/ Retired Army Personnel. So, the concession in fees and reservation, whether it is for serving personnel or retirees, it is for the children of Army Personnel. So, this is the information in this letter.

So, here it is said that Ministry of Defence contacted many well-known universities, colleges and schools of our country or those who are preparing for JEE and NEET, for the benefit of our Defence personnel, retirees and veterans, for the concession in fees and reservation of their children. So, this was the process. Here, further information is also there.

Here, it is also said that promote it as much as possible so that it can reach to all people. In the article, you will get information about universities, schools and colleges. All the universities are giving different reservations, seats are different, concession in fees are different.

The PDF copy of the letter is given below.  I am sharing the names of universities, schools and colleges. Along with this, their telephone number, email ID and website are given. So, if you want to apply for universities, schools or colleges for your children and want more information, you can call them, mail them or visit their website.

First of all, we will talk about Manav Rachna University, which is in Faridabad, Haryana. As an example, I will tell you here. Concession in fees is 25%.  Reservation in seats is 10% in all courses. Along with this, in Bachelor of Dental Science, 20 seats are reserved for the children of our Defence personnel or veterans. And as I said, the information about the telephone number is also there.

The second number is JP University of Information Technology, which is in Himachal Pradesh. Reservation in seats is 10% in all courses. And 30% concession in tuition fees, which is reserved for the children of our Defence personnel or veterans.

The third number is Rajkumar Goyal Institute of Technology, Delhi. 30% concession in tuition fees, which is for the first year. And as I said at the beginning of the video, every university, every college or every school is providing different facilities.

The fourth number is University of Engineering and Management, Kolkata. In this also, two seats are reserved in all courses. It is like this. And along with this, if the children are doing well in the hostel, then there are some universities that are also giving concession in hostel fees.

So this is also in this. The fifth number is Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat. In this, there is an offer for the army personnel.  40% tuition fee is reserved for the gallantry awards. For the children of the winner of the gallantry awards. And 30% tuition fee is reserved for the army personnel.

After this, I talk about the sixth number. Flame University, Pune. They have also given a lot of concession.  The seventh number is Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Scholarship has been talked about in this. Now you can see all these things on the screen.

The eighth number is Indian Institute of Technical Training. Which is in Jammu. In this, it has been said that this 50% fee is excused.  Or 30% seat reserve is for the defense personnel who live in Jammu and Kashmir. Along with this, there is also information about schools. The Sindhia School, Gwalior.

There are some seats reserved for them. Pine Grove School, Dharampur, Himachal Pradesh. Masuri International School, Uttarakhand.

As I said, all the schools are providing different facilities. For this, you will have to read it completely. Hopetown Girls School, Dehradun. Its name is also in this list. Lawrence School, Himachal Pradesh. Hede Hatrej Academy, Uttarakhand.  Its name is also in this list. The fees are excused in this list. There is also information about some coaching institutes.

Which is preparing for JEE and NEET. The first one is Prabal Army Super 50. Its contact number and website is also given in this list. Next is Coaching by Allen Carrier Institute. Coaching by Akash Baiju’s Institute. And the last one is Coaching by Resonance Adventures.

So all these are preparing for JEE and NEET. They are also giving some concessions and hostel fees. There is everything in this list. When you will read this letter in detail, you will get all the information. As I said in the beginning of the video, this is a very important letter. All the defense pensioners or defense personnel who are serving.

Those who are trying for their children in all these universities. Those who are trying for seats. Those who have to get admission.  So this information becomes very important for all of you. And with this, I would like to request again.

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