pay and pension of march april 2024

Important updates on Pay Pension & DA DR of March April 2024

Here is an important updates on Pay, pension and Dearness Allowance/DR. As you all know, the financial year closes on 31st March and this time there are more holidays in the weekend and 31st March itself is Sunday. Therefore, on behalf of the government, all banks are asked to keep 31st March open, as a letter was issued on 20th March by the Indian Reserve Bank. On 31 st March all the payments, transactions, receipts, etc will be continued in bank. So, you will be enable to transact through bank, if required on 31st March also.

The Reserve bank has issued a circular to keep all the banks open on 31st March, so that all the work can be done smoothly. But the question arises here, as you all know, DA/DR is announced every year at the end of March or April 1st, and this time that announcement, was done on 12th March 2024, the office memorandum was issued and your DA/DR rate was  increased from 46% to 50% this time, and it should have been implemented now.  But it is not going to happen.

According to the Msg received from SPARSH, in routine every month , Msg received in the last week of the month informing that “ your pension will be credited in your account on XX” and accordingly, the pension amount is credited.

Now same message, received by the Defence Pensioners on 22nd  & 23rd March, mentioning that on 1st April, your pension will be credited, but the DR has not been added to it.

So, you will get your pension on 1st April.  You are getting pay and pension for the month of March from time to time, as usual in April but your increased DR is not included,  what it should have been. Neither is your increased rate of DR of this month, nor is your arrears is likely to be paid. Now you will get an arrears of 3 months in the month of April  for last three months i.e for January, February & March, and the increased rate of DR of April will be with your pay and pension for the month to be paid at the end of April.  

This year, your pay and pension will be on 1st April, which generally goes up to 3 or 4 April in other years , this time it will not happen, it will be on 1st April.

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