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Pension Credit for March 2024 Confirmed : Msg Received by all Defence Pensioners

Since implementation of SPARSH, Defence pensioners including civilians and family pensioners used to get credited their pension at the last day of the Month. Last Month a huge number of pensioners got their pension credited in the First week of the next month. SPARSH has migrated approximately 31 Lakh pensioners from the legacy system of pension through CPPC of Banks/ Treasury/DPDO.

Usually PCDA (SPARSH) automated an information system to keep updated the users / SPARSH pensioners regarding credit of the pension for the current month. Most of the time it hbeen found that you receive a msg mentioning the correct amount of pension and a date sheduled on which you will get your pension in your bank account. Mostly such msg is received in your registered mobile number and also in your email.

This month also, the PCDA (P), Prayagraj, Team SPARSH has automated such an information in the form of mobile SMS as well as email into your registered mail ID. You may check it now – the content of the msg is as under :-

Dear XXXX XXXX, 205145683256
Your bank account no XXXXXXXX1234
is being credited with an amount of Rs 47,345/-
Pension will be credited in
Account on 01-Apr-2024.
Regards, Team SPARSH.

So, from the content of the msg received by one of the veteran soldier as shared above, reveals that the pension amount for the month of March 2024 will be credited on 01 April 2024 to your bank account direcctly by Team SPARSH. But you should know that this pension amount is same amount as received last month. So, you may assume that the DR increased from 46% to 50% as per DOP&PW letter issued in the 2nd week of March 2024 has not been implemented.

According to the instructions of the Finance Ministry, the increased DR will be efected wef 01 january 2024 and arrears thereof is also to be paid but the amount will be credite not before the pension payment for the month of March 2024. So, you may expect thet the DR credit for January to march 2024 will be paid to your account after 01 April 2024 and may be during first week of March 2024.

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