holi gift for pensioners

Wow ! Pensioners got Holi Gift & Arrears with  Increased Pension : Check PPO and Pension Slip Now

Today, with celebration of Holi, a pensioner has received a Holi gift. And this is possible because of active implementation of CP Gram by the Govt authority.

I wish you and your family a very Happy Holi.  It is very important for a pensioner to know your actual entitlements.  Sometime you are deprived due to lack of awareness.  Specially, if your basic pay is less than that of you entitled, you suffer a huge loss.

Now, it is not the same as before where veterans or family pensioners used to say that the government can never cheat us, they will give us the right pension or the bank will give us the right pension in our accounts. Sometimes, the banks also make mistakes.

In the response of CP GRAM,  a veteran has received a positive reply from the pension disbursement authority. Although, not many people have got the information about it yet.

A family pensioner has got the gift of Holi. The incorrect amount of basic pay that they were getting for years, they were taking the too less amount of pension.

Their pension has been corrected and they have got such a message.   Along with this, let’s talk about what is the whole matter. Veterans who have retired from a NCO rank, who died in 1966. After this, the pension that they had to start, that was done at an ordinary rate.

It should have started with enhanced rate. This was a great mistake. Along with this, for some years, the basic pay of these family pensioners were also too less.

Through CP Gram, when she complained about this, when we filed a complaint through CP Gram, the action was taken very quickly. And both of these problems, which were related to the basic pay/pension  and were not getting the pension at an enhanced rate, all these things were corrected. Now see, the message of pension credit that you received through CP GRAM  that their basics that were fixed incorrectly, have now been corrected.

The PCDA started getting the ordinary pension of family pensioner as per rank last held by the serving soldier. Along with this, just a week age, the arrears amount credited to their account due for corrected basic pay. But that matter, which was at an enhanced rate, is still going on.

It’s been 2 or 3 months since the complaint was filed on CP Gram  The matter was pending  since 1996, this is such an old matter, so it may take some time for these things to be corrected. In such a case, when the complaint was filed on CP Gram, then only the PCDA taken action.

So, they have written to the bank, to check whether their pension is correct or not. A non-payment certificate has been asked from the bank.

The reason has also been asked, that what was the reason that PCDA started the pension of family pensioners with ordinary rate. Asked for more information about this in detail. Along with this, they have also written to these family pensioners, PCDA has written that they are working on this.

As soon as they get a non-payment certificate from the bank, then all this money will be credited to the bank account of the pensioner. This kind of  claim of entitlement is possible when these family pensioners or their dependents had the correct information.

They knew that there was something wrong with basics pension or and they are not getting the right pension.

With suggestion of a Youtuber ,  complaint on CP Gram was lidged by the family pensioner. And here, a special thing is also that, they had filed their complaint through CP Gram via phone. There was no need to go to any cyber cafe for lodging complaint in PG portal.

No need to get a draft prepared from anyone. Simply, they called CP Gram’s toll-free number and filed their complaint. And even in such an old case, they got their rights through CP Gram.

Basic pension was corrected. They got the arrear of around Rs. 70,000-80,000. Along with this, the long outstanding dues on account of non receipt of enhanced rate of pension, which they started with ordinary rate instead of enhanced rate, will also be credited in their accounts soon. This happens due to awareness  and have the correct information about the pension entitlement. You all should know whether you are getting the right basic pension or not.

To confirm your pension is correct or not, you should first search the last basic pay held by you and corresponding basic pay after revision in the 7th CPC.  Once you have found your actual basic pay, you can calculate the pension and now tally this from OROP latest table of your rank/service length.  If there is any issue, must write to PCDA (P).  If they do not response, the try to approach through PG Portal.  How to lodge a grievance through pg portal is available in our website, just click here –

You may also contact them through the toll-free number of Department of Pension and Pension Welfare. If you call on this number and if there is any problem related to your pension, you can easily file a complaint and send it to the concerned Record Office.

Even if you have not received your entitled MACP, you can file a complaint on this number. The action happens as soon as possible.

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