Golden Palm Sainik Bhavan – among Top 10 Sainik Rest House for Defence personnel and their dependents

Are searching for a good quality Sainik Rest House ? You may try it as described here :-

Golden Palm Sainik Bhavan is a creation of Telengana Govt. Dept of Sainik Welfar, Telengana has inaugurated Two Guest Houses for Ex-servicemen and their Dependents, who are coming from outside the Hyderabad/ Secunderabad. Details of the Sainik Rest Houses are as under :-

Golden Palm Sainik Bhavan Secunderabad:

The Golden Palm Sainik Bhavan is one of the best Sainik Rest House of India is maintained by  TASA (Telangana Andhra Subarea), Hyderabad.
The Bhavan is located Near Secunderabad Railway station, Old Monda market, Secunderabad.

Available Rooms at Golden Palm Sainik Bhavan

AC Suits (VIP Rooms)            –           03
AC Rooms                              –           08
Non-AC Rooms                      –           14
Beded Dormitory                    –           41

Cost of Rooms available at Golden Palm Sainik Bhavan

AC Suits          –          Rs.900
AC Room        –          Rs. 620
Non-Ac            –          Rs. 350 for JCOs
                                    Rs. 180 for ORs
Dormitory        –          JCOs – 180 per bed.
                                    ORs – 100 Per Bed.

Special featuresof Golden Palm Sainik Bhavan

The Golden Palm Sainik Bhavan, the premier Sainik Rest House is centrally Located in Secunderabad.  The Sainik Bhavan is at walkable Distance from Secunderabad.

ECHS Polyclinic, CSD Canteen & Director Veteran Cell is located in the same premises. For Officers & JCOs/ORs Separate Entertainment Halls (food & other Activities) are available in the same premises.

How to Book Golden Palm Sainik Bhavan the best Sainik Rest House

Contact phone number for booking/Enquiry Ph No. 04027803127.

This is to be noted that all AC Rooms/Non-AC Rooms/Dormitory Beds are available all Cadres (Officers/JCOs/ ORs) Booking is on first come first served basis.

Sainik Aramghar Hyderabad. Complex Somajiguda Hyderabad – affordable Sainik Rest house of India

The Sainik Rest House Htderabad is Maintained by Department of Sainik Welfare, Telangana State.

It is located at Somajiguda, Near Yashoda Hospital, Rajbhavan Road, Hyderabad.
Details of Rooms available in this Rest House are as under :-

AC Rooms                  –           04
Non-AC Rooms          –           04
Beded Dormitory        –           16

Room Charges for all types of Rooms :

AC Room                   –          Rs.500
Non-Ac Room             –          Rs.300
Dormitory                   –          Rs. 100 (per bed).

Special features of the Sainik Rest House :

The Rest House is Located in Hyderabad. All the utility services and core facilities are available as details mentioned here :

Walkable distance to all Super specialty Hospitals like NIMS, Asian Gastro Entrology, Yashoda Hospital etc., Raj Bhavan, CM Camp Office, Secretariat etc.

Sainik Welfare Office, Hyderabad, Rangareddy & Directorate is located in the same premises.

Contact phone number for booking/Enquiry:

Hav Jashuva.

It is to be noted that all AC Rooms/Non-AC Rooms/Dormitory Beds are available all Cadres (Officers, JCOs and ORs)

System of Booking :

Booking first  come, first served.
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