Disability Pension Rule 2023 :  New Definition of Invalid From Service  

invalid from service

Invalid from service is an important term in Indian Armed Forces.  Due to versatile nature of duties in various geographical locations of India, the Jawans/JCOs may injured or got disabled in operation / hazardous duties.  In such consequences,the armed forces personnel is declared invalidated out from services and awarded disability pension or invalid pension.

Govt of India, MoD has modified the rules affecting various terms and conditions of invalidment.  Entitlement Rules for casualty Pensionary awards define the various terms of medical/ casualty related issues.  Invalidation from service was defined in earlier ER 2008 and ER 1982 which was different from the latest Entitlement Rule 2023.   Let’s have a thorough look on to the Latest casualty pensionary awards and Entitlement Rules 2023.

Para 5 of Entitlement Rules for Casualty Pensionary Awards 2023

Relevant portion – Para 5 (e)  of Appendix-I  of MoD (DESW) Letter on F No  16(3)/2023/D(Pen/Pol)/Vol-II  dt  21.09.2023 is reproduced below :-

New Pension Rules for Armed Forces 2024 : Disability Pension

Invaliding from Service : New Clauses

(a)   Invaliding out of service is a condition precedent to considering an individual’s case for the award of Disability Pension, subject to such disability being sustained under circumstances that is accepted by the Competent Appellate Authority as Category 5 or

(b)  Liberalized Disability Pension or War Injury Pension may be awarded if the impairment has been sustained under the circumstances that is accepted by the Competent/ Appellate Authority, as Category D or ‘E” respectively.

(c)    Armed Forces personnel who are invalided out of service with a disability sustained under circumstances that is accepted by the Competent Appellate Authority as Category ‘A” are eligible for the award of Invalid Pension. subject to their completing 10 years reckonable service or being declared medically unfit for service both in the military as well as civil.

(d)  Only those Armed Forces personnel who are placed in medical classification SHAPE – 5 and boarded out of service by a Competent/ Appellate Authority on the recommendations of an Invaliding Medical Board. before completing their terms of engagement, shall be treated as invalided out of service,

(e)   JCOs/ WOs/ OR and equivalent rankin other services who are placed permanently  in a medical category other than SHAPE1 or equivalent and are discharged because (i) no alternative employment suitable to their low medical category can be provided,or, (ii) they having been retained in alternative employment,are discharged before the completion   of their engagement, shall be deemed to have been invalided out of service.

 (f)  Retired officers who are not granted re-employment or JCOs/WOs/ OR who are not granted extension of service, beyond their prescribed term of engagement, for not meeting the laid down medical standards,shall not be deemed to have been invalidated from service.

(g) Cadets whose training is terminated and who are boarded out on the orders of the Competent Authority, solely on account of a wound, injury or any medical condition shall  also be deemed to have been invalidated from military training.


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