How to Change Address and Transfer to New Zila Sainik Board 

How to Change Address in Documents after Retirement from Military Service

After retirement most of the ex-servicemen changed their permanent place of residence due to various requirements i.e Education of Children, Reemployment, Business or suitable place for living.  In such a condition, you need to update your address with your Zila sainik Board and Record Office.  

This process is not feasible in online mode.  Even though any part of this time consuming manual process can not be completed online.  The step by step process is as under:

Step 1.  Please read carefully detailed SOP on the subject issue available here 

(a)   Ministry of Defence letter No 2(2)/ESM/CARD/Policy/KSB/A dt 04 Dec 2015,
(b) Ministry of Defence Letter No  102/ESM I CARD/2012/KSB/D dt 13 Jun 2013  

Now you need to report to your Existing Zila Sainik Board who has issued Exserviceman Identity Card to get NOC.  You must carry following documents in original and 03 sets of photocopy –

  1. PPO ( all issues)
  2. Discharge Book
  3. ESM I Card
  4. Proof of address ( New Address) 1.  Voter card, Electric Bill, Aadhar Card, Certificate from Local Counselor/Pradhan/KMC
  5. PP Size Photographs

The action steps by the ZSB has been described in the instructions issued by the MoD as mentioned above.

  1. The Exserviceman will submit an application with Zila Sainik Board as per the address recorded in Discharge Book and specify the location of new Zila Sainik Board.
  2. The Zila Sainik Board will issuing NOC (No Objection  Certificate) after completion of the following action 

  (i) Strike name from ESM Register

 (ii)  Strike name from ESM Employment Register

(iii) Endorse on Discharge Book about issue of NOC

(iv)  Withdrawal ESM I card from the individual if issued

(v)  Issue of NOC.

  1. The New Zila sainik Board will issue ESM I card on Submission of the following documents :- 

(i)  Application with Photographs pasted for issue of identity Card

(ii) Registration Form

(iii)  Copy of Discharge Book

(iv)  Copy of PPO

(v)  Present address proof

(vi)  Copy of Birth Certificate for proof of dependents

(vii)  Letter of NOC issued by previous Zila sainik Board

  1.  It is clarified that while following the above procedure for issue of ESM I card, the Zila sainik Board/Rajya sainik Board will not insist on changing the address in the Discharge Book unless the ESM request to do so.  

Letters and orders of Ministry of Defence on Transfwr of address under jurisdiction of new ZSB and issue of I Card.