NA Medicine Reimbursement in ECHS Online Portal : Detailed Process

The Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) in India provides comprehensive healthcare facilities to retired armed forces personnel and their dependents. ECHS allows its beneficiaries to claim reimbursement for expenses incurred on purchasing medicines not available at ECHS polyclinics or empanelled hospitals. 

To avail of this facility, beneficiaries need to submit a reimbursement claim online for non-availability (NA) medicines. These are medicines prescribed by an ECHS doctor but are not stocked in ECHS dispensaries. The process usually involves submitting the prescription along with the original bill and a non-availability certificate from the ECHS dispensary to the respective ECHS regional centre. Upon verification, the reimbursement is provided to the beneficiary.

It’s important for beneficiaries to be aware of the specific procedures and documentation requirements to ensure a smooth reimbursement process for their non-availability medicine claims under ECHS.

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Online Individual Reimbursement Claim Facility.

A facility has been created to enable an ECHS beneficiary to upload all individual reimbursement claims directly on the BPA portal. Register on the ECHS Bill Processing Portal – :-

(a) Enter the 12 digit card number as mentioned on beneficiary/ dependent 64 KB ECHS Card.
(b) Enter the mobile number which is registered with 64 KB ECHS Card.
(c) If the card number and mobile number are correct then an OTP will be sent on the registered mobile number.

(d) In a month only four IPD claims can be submitted online.
(e) In a month only four OPD claims can be submitted online.
(f) In a month only eight Pharmacy Bills can be submitted online.

20. The following documents are mandatory for uploading reimbursement claim:-

(a) IPD.

(i) ECHS Card Copy.
(ii) EIR in case of emergency.
(iii) Emergency Letter (By Hospital).
(iv) Bill Details.
(v) Discharge Summary.
(vi) Medical Reports.
(vii) Copy of Cancelled Cheque.

(b) OPD.

(i) ECHS Card Copy.
(ii) Prescription Slip.
(iii) Bill Details.
(iv) Medical Reports.
(v) Copy of Cancelled Cheque.

(c) Pharmacy (NA Medicine Reimbursement).

(i) ECHS Card Copy.
(ii) Prescription Slip.
(iii) Bill Details.
(iv) NA Certificate.
(v) Copy of Cancelled Cheque.