What are differences among Email Website Blog Portal and AI

difference between email and gmail

In this era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we must have a clear  concept of Email, Website, Blog, Web Portal & AI.  It is true that all are functional on the internet.  In this article we will discuss the functional difference of these three basic services we use in our daily life.  Without having knowledge of  applications of all these things , a person is not fulfilled in this era.

What is Email and how to use it ?

E Mail is a Communication Tool.   This is like a digital mailbox for sending and receiving messages over the internet.  You can compare it with your WhatsApp Number.

It is used to send or receive any msg / content “One-to-One or One-to-Many” basis. You can use email to send messages, documents, or pictures to one person or multiple people at once.  Email is generally used for Private Conversations.  Email is usually private between you and the recipient(s).  

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Commonly used Email Service 

For Example – Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, rediffmail, rocket mail etc.   Email ID is writeent in the format abcd123@yahoo.com      before @ sign is your personalised ID and after @ portion is the Email Service provider  in this email ID – your customised portion is abc123 and this email service is controlled and functional with only yahoo.com.   Gmail is a service provider. other service providers are – yahoo mail, rediffmail, rocketmail etc.

Corporate/ organisational/ Special kind of Email

Generally in India people use gmail, yahoo mail, rediff mail, rocket mail etc.  You might have noticed some Personalised webmail service i.e customercare@tatamotors.com .  This kind of webmail is hosted with a personal domain.  You may send me an email to my personalised email (hosted through webmail) – contact@bikashde.com .

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What is Website how is it created and used

Website is used to get Online Information. A website is like a digital book or brochure that you can access on the internet. Website is easily accessible to Public. Anyone with internet access can visit a website to read information, view pictures, or watch videos.  Youtube is also a website with special features. 

Websites usually provide information that doesn’t change frequently, like news articles or product details. For example  : Wikipedia, CNN.com etc.  You may visit websites of various govt organisations – www.indiapost.gov.in  

What is Blog and how is it created and used

Blog is also a website used to get updated information regularly. . A Blog is a text based platform like newspaper/magazine (like a TV Channel but not audiovisual)  which provides updates and new articles with the course of time that you can access on the internet free of cost. Blog is easily accessible to the Public and the publishers/owners usually create blogs for commercial purposes.

Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patil, Shradha Sharma are renowned bloggers of India who earn in crores every year. Mainly Google pays them for advertisement programs in their blog.   Anyone with internet access can visit a blog to read information, view pictures etc.  All blogs are websites but all websites are not blogs. Youtube is also a blog with special features.  You may visit our blogs : www.esminfoclub.com ,   www.wbssc.inwww.faujinews.com   ,  www.sainikclub.com 


What is Web Portal and How to Use it

Webportal is Gateway to online Services. A web portal is like a doorway to various online services and tools.  It often requires a login and offers a personalized experience, showing you information or services relevant to you. You can perform tasks like checking your bank account, booking a flight, or accessing your school’s resources.  For Example –  Your online banking portal, a university’s student portal, an employee portal for work-related tasks.

In simpler terms, think of email as sending and receiving digital letters, websites/blog as online books/magazine with information you can read, and web portals as doorways to online services where you can do things like check your account, shop, or access specific tools. Each serves a different purpose in the online world.

Artificial Intelligence is an application of IT tools which solve your problems like human using some specialised software.  Some websites provide AI services  as text based query – chat GPT ,  Painting AI – www.synthesis.io   ,   www.toptal.com    


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