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How to Start up Your Own Pvt Security Agency Empanelled by DGR

DGR Empanelled Pvt. Security Agency Scheme for Retired Defence

Under directive of Ministry of Defence had evolved ESM Seurity Agency Scheme in 1972. In pursuance of the same, Ministry of Defence vide its letter Number 4(20)/US (Res)/93 dt 04 Feb 1994 regarding provision of personnel for security services on contract in CPSE’s, approached Ministry of Industries & Heavy Industries and Public Enterprise (DPE), Govt of India for issuing appropriate direction .

Due to operational and administrative reasons, around 60,000 Armed Forces Personnel are retired every year to maintain a youthful profile of the Armed Forces. Dept of Exserviceman Welfare (DESW)/DGR inturn , is mandated to facilitate their resettlement through various Govt Sponsored schemes. Provision of Seurity Services through DGR empanelled security agencies is one of the Flagship project that generates maximum employment for ESM. However, as of now, only retired commissioned officers are eligible to get benefit of this scheme.

Under the security agency scheme, the Exservicemen while retired /released / discharged from service of Armed Forces, a stop gap arrangement for the ESM till such time a meaning full end respectful employment is made available to the ESM.

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Aim of DGR Empanelled Pvt. Security Agency Scheme

As mentioned in the website of DESW :

“The aim of the scheme is to facilitate some kind of earnings by the ESM through ESM (O) till he gets a job and also to keep ESM occupied and contribute positively towards society.

Director General Resettlement through Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Industry/Department of Public Enterprises had requested for employment of DGR empanelled security agencies. Many Government Offices, PSUs, PSE, Banks Corporate and Educational Institutes etc are seeking security cover from DGR empanelled security agency through DGR.

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The guidelines for functioning of DGR empanelled Ex-servicemen security agencies have been promulgated by Government of India Ministry of Defence/Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare vide OM No. 28(3)/2012-D(Res-1) dated 09 July 2012 as amended vide OM No. 28(3)/2012(Res-1) dated 16 Jan 2013.”

Though the SOP has been updated recently in 2021. You may check here for updated SOP. Read the amendment of the Security Agency related SOP

Who can get the Pvt Security Agency Empanelment by DGR ?

The following categories of DGR Empanelled ESM Security agencies are eligible for DGR sponsorship :

(a) Individual ESM Security agency – Open to Ex-Serviceman Class 1 Gazetted Commissioned Officer in the form of proprietorship conerns.

(b) State Govt Owned ESM Corporations – Govt body i.e ESM Corporation.

(c) Widow of ESM (Commissioned Officer) in case of death while availing benefit under security agency scheme under DGR.

How to get Empanelment for Pvt Security Agency from DGR ?

Empanelment will be done stat wise and the applicants will be given the option of choosing only “one state” for operation. Change of state will be permitted only one during the entire period of empanelment. Conditions required for DGR Security Agency Scheme is subject to fulfilling the following conditions.

(a) The individual should be an ESM (Officer/Proprietor) as per definition promulgated by Govt of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, DOP&T OM No 36034/1/2006 Estt (Res) dt 10.10.2012 amended from time to time.

(b) Should be a Resident of the Union of India

(c) Registered ESM (Officers) can apply for empanelment for the scheme before attaining the age of 60 years.

(d) No Dual Income

(i) The ESM (Officer) should not have availed any other employment/self employment/Resettlement benefits through DESW (ECHS/KSB/RSB/ZSB/DGR). An undertaking to this effect required to be given.

(ii) Should not be reemployed with the Indian Armed Forces or any other Govt/Semi Govt org, CPSU, PSB or Pvt Sector once they are awarded the contract.

(iii) An affidavit by the officer to the effect that he will resign any such job/own business venture/consultancy if he takes up the contract should be submitted in this regard at the time of enforcement.

(iv) The officer will confirm in writing to DGR that he has resigned from such job after getting the contract.

(v) Consultancy/Honorarium income of repetitive nature after award of contract with DGR will also be considered as dual income and will be the criteria of dis-empanelment.



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