CSD AFD item Rate Chart 2024 : Car etc.

Soldiers, veterans and their family members may get benefitted with the CSD as numerous number of items available there. At present, you may buy consumer goods diretly frm CSD and AFD-1 items can be bought through online mode only. Some detailed points are as under :-

(a) You may buy items from any CSD of the country irrespective of your place of posting / place of residence.

(b) You may get Grocery and Liquor quota for one month in advance.

(c) You need not to renew your CSD Smart card every year.

(d) New CSD smart card/replacement of old card can be done through submission of physical forms alongwith your proof of service/pension and identity. You have to pay the requisite fee per card to get new card.

(e) No Fees required to be paid by war widows for preparation of new CSD card.

(f) All AFD – 1 items i.e car, bike, AC, Fridge can be bought only through online process.

(g) For online purchase you should complete the regisration process on www.afd.csdindia.gov.in and place order

(h) You may buy 2 x TV and 4 x AC can be purchased in every 4 years.

(i) AFD-2 items can be purchased using your Liquor Card and Dependent card.