Keep Update Your Discharge Book : Detailed Procedure

After retirement, there may be many changes in your family, residential status etc which need to be entered in your pension related documents, i.e – dossier exist in your Record Office, Digital database held with Record and SPARSH, PCDA Prayagraj and must update your Discharge book and I/Card  which need to be carried out through Zila Sainik Board.

On occurrence,  you need to inform this to all concerned through Zila Sainik Board.  You may submit an application addressed to your Record office (through ZSB) alongwith all supporting documents for publication of PART-II ORDER/NAVPEN ORDER/ POR.  Once the antecedents published with appropriate Order, that must be entered in your Discharge Book through ZSB.  Please note that, you should not write anything in your discharge book.  ZSB concerned only can update/modify data in your discharge book as and when required.

Steps to update your data in your discharge book

After submission of the application for publication of appropriate order on occurrence, you must check the following :-

(a) If you have received Part -II Order by post at your home Address.


(b) If your Part-2 Order is received by ZSB. Lists are given in Telegram Group regularly.


(c) If your data is directly updated in your SPARSH PPO. Most Record Offices are not sending Part -II Orders to your home addresses. Instead they are directly updating SPARSH PPO. Log in to SPARSH website and check.

ESM belongs to IAF needs to download POR from IAF pensioner’s website, after registering and logging in, as DAV will NOT send physical copy of POR to your home Address or to ZSB. Website ID is:  –

2) If your Part-II Order/NAVPEN Order or POR is received by you or at ZSB Or changed in SPARSH PPO, please bring 3 Copies of Part -2 Order/SPARSH PPO and Original Discharge Book to ZSB for entry in your Discharge Book and updating ZSB Records.

NOTE: Many ESM have already received Part -II Order/NAVPEN Order/POR copies, but NEVER came to ZSB for entry in their Discharge Books. Due to this ZSB  DO NOT KNOW whether YOU HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED PART-II ORDERS OR NOT.

As ZSB DO NOT KNOW whether you have received Part -2 ORDER,  they keep sending your Names to Record Office regularly as Pending Cases and requesting Records Officers to publish your Part-II Orders which creates a communication .  They might have forwarded that Part -II Orders to you by post. If you visit ZSB with Part -II Order then  they can delete tour name from Pending Cases List.  So, it is your duty to inform ZSB and update your discharge book so that there is no communication gap.