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SPARSH Exclusive Doubt Clear : Data Update and Problem Solving

Your pension migrated to SPARSH but unable to update any data. What to do ?

SPARSH has been successfully launched for management of Defence Pension including Pension sanction, disbursement, grievance redressal, data management and other misc facilities. Approximately 31 lakh pensioners have been migrated among 33 Lakh existing pensioners.  You might have received your user ID and Password and successfully completed your PDV and life certificate/identification.  However, data update on SPARSH Portal is not actively functional.  

In SPARSH Portal, access is there to update some personal and family related profile data but rectification/update is not affected due to want of approval/ DO Part II Order /notification from concerned Record office/service HQ.  So, in case of change of Name, DOB, Address etc will not be updated and it remains pending until Part-II Orders/Notification/Approval of Record office is received by the PCDA/DAV concerned.

For Change of Pension Bank Account Number/Bank Branch, no need to have any approval/ DO Part II order from the Record office.   

How to Get Part II Order of Change of name & DOB of Spouse/dependent family members ?

For update of certain records related to your Spouse/self, you need to  approach your concerned Zila Sainik Board office and submit the related documents.  Detailed information alongwith forms are available in our website .  To read the detailed procedure , click here

You have received msg on the phone regarding user ID and Password of SPARSH but unable to Login.

Such a problem – failure of login to SPARSH using the valid credential may be experienced due to following reasons :-

  1.   System error in SPARSH
  2.   Data base mismatch in SPARSH
  3.   System failure due to technical issues in SPARSH portal.

What to do to login to SPARSH successfully ?

You need to contact the Nodal officer of the  SPARSH.  You may lodge a grievance to SPARSH without login.  Details of Contact to team SPARSH is available in our website.  You may read this by clicking here.  

User ID is OK but Password is not recognised by SPARSH.

If your user ID of SPARSH is ok but password is not working, there may be some technical issues.  You may choose the forget password option to retrieve your password.    Double layer authentication system is there using OTP in your mobile phone has been introduced to login to SPARSH.

I forgot user ID and Password of SPARSH

Without User ID it is difficult to retrieve password.  Your user ID is your SPARSH Pension ID.  If you have ever noted your latest SPARSH Pension PPO Number / Pension ID, it will be helpful to ensure your user ID.  To retrieve your SPARSH User ID, just click here  wherein a detailed instruction is available. 

How to Change my Pension Bank Account directly on SPARSH Portal

It is very simple process.  To know details kindly read the detailed article available in or Click here

How to enter Income Tax Deduction details in SPARSH Portal

Income tax details required to be updated in the SPARSH Portal.  To know details kindly click here

How to submit Life Certificate in SPARSH directly 

Life certificate can be submitted to the SPARSH Portal directly through Digital process using aadhaar based biometric authentication or MLC whichever is suitable to you.  Detailed instructions are available here – 

How to enter family details in SPARSH

Once you have logged in to SPARSH Portal using your Credential, you may updata data of your family and personal data.  To change the name, DOB or any other details, just edit/enter the required data and submit it.  A token Number will be generated.  But the revised data will not be processed until you submit the required document and publication of DO-II part II order done by Record office.  To complete the process kindly contact your Zila Sainik Board Office. Details available here

How to Change PAssword in SPARSH

After login to SPARSH  using your valid credential, you may opt to click on Profile section and change password using your Mobile OTP.

How to update employment details in SPARSH

Once you have logged in to SPARSH using the valid credential, you may opto to enter the employment details under the concerned Tab / section.

How to download Pension Slip using SPARSH

After log in to the SPARSH you will have the option to download your personal data under My Documents section . At their, you may choose to download PPO and Pension Slip every month.

How to download latest PPO 

The latest PPO is available in the My Documents section of SPARSH.

How can I find SPARSH Service centre nearby me ?

There are thousands of SPARSH Service Centre.  You may download details of SPARSH Service centre from the official website of SPARSH or available in our website, to read click here .

My pension is still controlled by bank and not migrated to SPARSH.  What should I do ?

You need not to worry so long as you keep receiving pension. Not all ex servicemen have been migrated, still if you want to, then you can visit nearest DPDO or authorised SPARSH center with all concerned documents along with bank passbook and mobile no registered with your bank/Aadhaar. It may be that your mobile no not got entered in your data available with them, as a result delay occurred in migration. Remember, migration is not your responsibility but an obligation.

If you have any questions related to SPARSH, Pension, OROP, CSD, ECHS or welfare issues, kindly join our WhatsApp Group by clicking here

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