Hidden Secret of Your SPARSH PPO Number

Most of the Armed Forces pensioners and defence civilian pensioners have already been issued with the SPARSH PPO Number.  Some have taken print out of the SPARSH PPO.  Do you know what secrets are there in your SPARSH PPO Number ? Lets know the details of your SPARSH PPO here.

Your SPARSH PPO No is a 12 digit unique number. The first three digits ( from Left to Right) indicate the Service and Category of the Pensioner. Here Service refers to – Army, Navy, Air Force & Defence Civilian and Category refers to – Officer & Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR). Details of the same is enumerated below —

101 – Army Officers
102 – Army officers of AMC, RVC, MNS, ADC & TA
201 to 250 – Army PBOR
301 – Navy Officers
401 – Navy PBOR
501 – Air Force Officers
601 – Air Force PBOR
402 – Defence Civilian Officers
701 – IDAS (Indian Defence Accounts Service) Officers
801 – Defence Civilian PBOR. 
It may be clarified further with an example of a SPARSH PPO No,  e.g – 205201600506. For better understanding, let’s re-arrange the 12 digits of this PPO number as – 2-05-2016-00506

(a)    The 1st digit ( 2) indicates the Pensioner is from Army (because 1 & 2 is allotted to Army). And the 2nd & 3rd digit ( 05 ) indicate the Record office of the Pensioner. Record Offices of the Army have been allotted Code numbers from 01 to 50. In this series, 05 is allotted to Signals Records*. Hence *205 indicates that, this PPO belongs to an Army Pensioner & his RO is Signals Records.

Some other Record Offices have been allotted the following codes –
AEC – 36
ASC (S) Records – 40
ASC (MT) Records – 41
and so on…… 

(b)     4th to 7th digit ( 2016) indicate the Year of Retirement of the Pensioner. 
(c)     8th to 12th digit, that means the last five digits indicate the Running serial number of PPO. In this case it is 00506

3.  Further, when the first Corrigendum PPO is generated, 01 is added with the PPO number as suffix. 

For Example : 205201600506-01
If second Corrigendum PPO is generated 02 will be added as suffix and so on…..

It is more important to know about the mandatory actions on SPARSH portal to do after migration to SPARSH.  Lets know all about the SPARSH portal here-