Life Certificate and SPARSH Identification – Doubt Clear for Defence Pensioners

sparsh life certificate and identification doubt clear

November has started and you’re getting reminders to complete the identification process on SPARSH and some time DOP&PW also sending msg on your mobile phone to submit Life certificate. What to do now ? Should you submit your Life certificate or complete Identification process on SPARSH? In this article all doubts in this regard will be cleared.

What is “Identification” ? Is it different from Life Certificate ?

Which one is necessary Identification or Life Certificate ? ‘What is Identification’? . Identification is Life Certificate only. The Term “Identification” is used by SPARSH is another nomenclature of “Life Certificate” .

New migratees are under the wrong impression that they have received a SPARSH PPO number in a pension message or Identification reminder. It is actually a temporary Pension ID with Legacy PPO number or EPPO and in some messages these are mentioned as SPARSH PPO number by SPARSH which is not true and definitely a fault of Team SPARSH. These may be prefixed with MIG also.

What s Temporary ID ? Is it usable in Life Certificate process ?

These temporary Pension ID with Legacy/EPPO numbers should be used for life certificate by new migratees if they have not received SPARSH PPO number and Log in ID. As per trend, SPARSH PPO numbers are received alongwith log in ID and Passwords. Note that – these Pensioner IDs/ PPO numbers are starting with 101, 201 (For Army Regiments between 201 to 232 etc) 301, 401, 402, 501, 601 and 801, 802 etc (For Defence Civilians) as per respective services and categories then these are SPARSH PPO numbers.

What is SPARSH ID/ Pension ID/SPARSH PPO Number ?

SPARSH Pensioners will receive Pensioner ID cum SPARSH PPO number, log in ID and PW on their registered mobile number withing 2-4 weeks from date of migration to SPARSH. SPARSH Log in ID will be SPARSH PPO number with suffix 01 for pensioners and 02 for family pensioners.

All Banks are authorised to obtain Manual Life Certificate from SPARSH Pensioners and submit to SPARSH like last year. In this regard you may read the letter dated 26.10.2023 issued by MoD to all Banks. It has been confirmed from PCDA Customer Care and the Banks also. New migratees can submit Manual Life Certificate at any branch of their Banks where they are having pension accounts. But they have to intimate bank staffs that life certificate is for SPARSH. Must Mention at the TOP of your Life certificate form as “ SPARSH Pensioner”.

Problem with SBI for SPARSH ew migrtees

SBI is having issue with API as it is pre designed with 12 digits SPARSH PPO numbers. Their system can even reject EPPO/Legacy PPO number with 12 digits if it is not digitally connected with SPARSH. Such affected pensioners may submit Digital Life Certificate with Pension ID received in their Identification/Life Certificate reminders.

PCDA Advisory – SPARSH Pensioners may Submit Life Certificate in Bank

SPARSH Pensioners may Submit Life Certificate/identification on “Jeevan Praman”

All new migrators can also submit Digital Life Certificate through Jeevan Pramaan through Finger Authentication or Face Authentication mobile App. They have to follow steps appended below otherwise it will be auto rejected by SPARSH. It should also be ensured that for Digital Life Certificate, their name in Aadhaar should match name in original PPO/EPPO, otherwise it will be auto rejected by SPARSH. It has been experienced that SPARSH portal is not working well and failed to accept life certificate/identification since 01 Nov due to heavy traffic on the portal. So, all veterans/family pensioners are requested to submit digital life certificate through Jeevan Praman Portal.

To get Digital Life Certificate through Jeevan Pramaan, they can carry on checking approval/updated status in footnotes of downloaded updated Jeevan Pramaan Certificate from link by scrolling down the opened portal.

If any SPARSH Pensioner including new migrators have any peculiar problem in submission of life certificate e.g. new migrators and holding account at SBI which has issue due to API pre settings, they can visit DPDO or any organisation related with PCDA, JCDA designated as SPARSH Service Centers all over the country. It is confirmed from DPDO.

Messages being received from SPARSH for Identification/Life Certificate are of routine nature and no pension will be stopped even if life certificate is not submitted within time due to any problem. The left over SPARSH new migrators will be issued with SPARSH PPO numbers and Log in ID/PW very soon. These information were conveyed by PCDA Customer Care when contacted on 02 Nov 23 by a veteran Organisation. So, SPARSH pensioners need not to panic and get tensed. A detailed note on Identification through Jeevan Praman Web portal is here

Step – 1 . Visit official website of Jeevan praman and get link of RD Service and Driver of your digital device installed on your PC. Once the software of Jeevan Praman and RD Service Driver of your Fingerprint is installed, may proceed to Life certificate initiation through Aadhar based OTP System.

Step-2 . Connect your Mantra MFS 100 Finger Print Device with PC thrugh USB. Click on the Jeevan Praman Desktop Shortcut and iitiate it through your Aadhatr Number, Mobile Number and E mail ID. you will receivee OTP. Once authenticated, you will be prompted o Life Certificate/identification page

Step -3 In this scrn select your PPO Number or add PPO Number (SPARSH/Bank). If on SPARSH, select PCDA Allahabad for all field PDA, Sanctioning Authority etc. for Armed Forces Personnel. Now click next to proceed to other info. If reemployed or not and Remarried or not. Submit and go ahead to download DLC with duly generated Praman ID from Jeevnpraman website.

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