How to Rectify Name or Date of Birth of Wife on PPO and other Military Documents 

date of birth chanage of wife on ppo

Exservicemen , who have retired before 01/01/2006, in their JN-PPO, Wife’s Name may find written, but only her AGE or YEAR of birth is mentioned. Full Date of Birth (DOB) in DDMMYYYY format (eg 09/02/2021) will not be mentioned.

Bank and SPARSH both requires full DOB of Wife of a soldier in JN-PPO, to qualify for family pension and additional pension (from 80 yrs) to the widows.  

If her DOB is not mentioned in both PPO as well as in Discharge Book, then it is understood that her DOB is NOT mentioned in Service Records also.

In such cases, to endorse the full DOB of Wife in the PPO, a veteran need to apply to his Record Office (RO) through Zila Sainik Board, 



(a) In English. 

(b) Address to Record Officer (RO). Below the RO’s address, Write, “Through ZSB ———–s, .”

(c) Signed by ESM/Widow (NOT by wife).

(d) In original 3 copies.

(e) Mention your correct address, PIN Code, Mobile Number and EMail ID, if avl.

(f) Widow must mention in both her Personal Application and Affidavit, that “in her husband’s life time, he didn’t apply to correct/endorse your dob in his service records and PPO.”


(a)  In English.  

(b) In Original -Single Copy.

(c) On a ₹10/- non-judicial Stamp Paper.

(d) From “First Class Judicial Magistrate” (preferable) or Notary. 
(e) Signed by ESM/Widow. If wife has signed, it will be accepted. 
(f) Both Old & New DOBs of Wife and full address must be mentioned. 
(g) Affidavit should be from Local court, in English.
(h) Not more than 6 months old.
(j) No corrections/over-writing, is allowed in text.


(a) Compulsory document. Must be given and signed by wife. 
(b) Wife’s full and correct DOB should be written.
Note:  If only ‘Year of Birth’ is written, it won’t be accepted. 

(a) Not Compulsory. 
(b) Give, if available. 
(c) But must be in English language. If not, give translated version.  
(d) Names of both fathers, DOB of wife, type of Rites, place, Date of Marriage and address of Registration office/Authority must be mentioned. 


Must have full DOB and her Father’s Name.\

6) PASSPORT/VOTER CARD. If available. 

7) EDUCATION CERTIFICATE. 10th/12th Board Marksheet/Certificate/Admit Card of Wife, if available. In case no Education Certificate and Birth Certificate available, then a certificate from Municipality Chairman or Panchayat Pradhan, mentioning her known DOB should be given. 


Must be given, if available. If not in English, give translated copy.  

Note: Newspaper Cutting/Ad is NOT REQUIRED, IF ONLY DOB of Wife is to be CHANGED or INSERTED. 

9) PPO.

Both original PPO and Corrigendum PPOs, if available, to be attached. 

(a) Copy of all “Self attested” pages of DB to be attached.
Widows to give copy of her Service Certificate, if available or DB of ESM.

Signed by ESM/Widow. Must be given by Widow. 
Take print and write details of your pension account. Then get it signed and stamped by your Bank Manager. To be submitted in two original copies.

13) BANK PASSBOOK. Photocopy of First page of Pension account Passbook. Self attested.

14) CANCELLED CHEQUE, If available.

Step-2: After checking with Original, your application will be recommended by ZSB.
Step-3: You speed post all documents to your Record Office.
Step-4: Only One copy of Application Form, without any supporting documents will be kept at ZSB in file.  
Step-5: RO will publish Pt-2 Order (PTO) and send you as well as to ZSB, When received at ZSB, a list of names will be given in the ZSB  Notice Board.
Step-6: When you receive your copy of Pt-2 Order by post, bring that and Original Discharge Book to get new DOB endorsed on your DB. Widows bring Service Certificates. For this job a date will be fixed and intimated.

Note: It may take 3-6 months to publish and get Part-2 Order for your wife’s new DOB. 

Step-7: After getting endorsed in DB, apply again to the Record Office through ZSB, to endorse a new DOB of wife in your Jointly Notified (JN) PPO and issue of a Corrigendum JN-PPO. For this, apply in 3 copies, with a copy of Pt-2 Order and existing PPO only. After  Recommendation by Secretary ZSB,, send to Record Office by Speed Post. 

Step-8: RO will take up a case with PCDA(P), Allahabad, to issue Corrigendum PPO. 

Step-9: PCDA will issue Corrigendum PPO or EPPO and send it to the Record Office. It may be uploaded in SPARSH also. RO will send it to you and Bank’s CPPC. It may take about 1 year. 

Step-10: After you receive Corrigendum PPO, give a copy to the Bank to update their records. 

After you receive PPO with full and correct DOB of Wife, you can be sure that YOUR WIFE WILL NOT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS IN FUTURE TO GET A FAMILY PENSION.

Note-1: Entire process may take 1.5-2yrs time.  

Note-2: Please leave adequate space at the bottom of all personal applications, so that Secretary ZSB can sign with stamps.


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