Exservicemen Must Know 5 Important Rules of Defence Pension

5 Important Rules of Defence Pension : Must Know for Exservicemen

Pension received by ESM is called Service Pension, which is 50% of his last drawn basic salary, plus Dearness Relief (DR). For disabled soldiers, they may receive disability pension in addition  or in case of invalided out of service with below 15 yrs service, (disability NA NA Cases) , it may be invalid pension.

In all the cases above, on passing away of the Exserviceman, his family is entitled to get Family Pension. Family pension benefit is not available on the disability element but it is applicable on the basis of service element and invalid pension awarded to the ESM.

Amount of Family Pension on Passing away of Exserviceman

After death of ESM, his wife or other family members receive Family Pension. This is 30% of the last basic salary, plus DR. 

After death of ESM, his Widow will receive full Service Pension (50%+DR), which was being drawn by her late ESM husband, for 7 yrs period or 67 yrs of ESM’s age, whichever is earlier. This is known as enhanced rate of family pension. After that, she will get ordinary Family Pension (30% of last basic plus Dearness Relief). 

Enhanced rate of Family Pension and Ordinary rate of Family Pension

If Wife’s Name is written in the PPO of ESM, then that PPO is called Jointly Notified PPO or JN-PPO.  If JN-PPO is available, that PPO will continue to be the widow’s PPO as well and NO new PPO will be issued to her again. 

In case of Re-marriage of Exserviceman – Family Pension Rules

If you re-marry, then endorsement of second Wife’s Name can not be done in JN-PPO, till children of first wife becomes ineligible. 

Note: A son becomes ineligible at 25 yrs age or if married or earning more than ₹9000/-PM. A daughter becomes ineligible when she gets married or earns more than₹9000/- pm. Permanently disabled children will always be eligible for pension.

If before publication of JN-PPO, ESM dies, then his pension will be divided between minor children of first wife and second wife. 

Pension for Disabled Child

If you have Disabled child, then his or her name can be added and JN-PPO issued, so that he or she gets family Pension, after demise of both parents. 

Family Pension for Unmarried Daughter and Divorced daughter

 If you have an unmarried or Widow or Divorcee daughter, who is completely dependent on you financially and taken shelter in your home, then she could also get Family Pension after demise of her both parents, in future. Details will be given in separate Msg, later. 

If both ESM and his wife are no more, then their minor children are eligible for Family Pension. In such cases, eldest child will get Family Pension first, till his/her 25 yrs age. After that next eldest child will start getting pension till they attend 25 yrs of age.  


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