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SPARSH has been effectively implemented in Indian Armed Forces Pension Administration system since 2021. All the administration of Pension and termination benefit of Armed forces personnel and defence civilians are administered through SPARSH . It is obvious that some system related problems and functional error in fixation and payment of pension and other related difficulties may arise with any pensioners. Five different ways to communicate the PCDA Allahabad (Prayagraj) are described in this article. Just read and communicate them to solve your problems. In this situation you need to contact with the SPARSH PCDA Allahabad in following mode of communication. These information have been collected from the official website of pcda. Do not contact any unauthorized number. Plz check before contact to any number whether it is real Or fake.

Coomuniction Mode -I : You may lodge a grievance to the PCDA SPARSH by visiting the official website of SPARSH. If you want to lodge a grievance on Pension / SPARSH related matter to PCDA Allahabad kindly click on the link below or visit the official website of PCDA (P) Allahabad SPARSH  and click on Service and then Raise Grievance under Grievance heading:


Communication Mode -II : You may contact them over phone as per nodal officiers allotted for the category that you belongs to as per details below :-

Contact Numbers of  Nodal officers for SPARSH (Army Officers).
Contact Number of Nodal officers for SPARSH (Air Force & Navy).
Contact Number of Nodal Officer for SPARSH (JCOs/ OR)
Appointment of Nodal Officer for SPARSH (Defence Civilian) – regarding.

Communication Mode – III : Login to SPARSH Portal and you may get the solutions. If you have not received any user ID and Password till date, may follow the steps to know if your pension has been migrated to SPARSH or NOT by Clicking here.

If you want to Know your SPARSH PPO Number or want to confirm if your pension has been migrated to SPARSH or not kindly click on the link below or visit the official website of PCDA (P) Allahabad SPARSH  and click on Service and then Track Service heading:


mail ID of various Officials:

Dr. Km. Gurpreet Kaur (CDA)
PCDA Pensions Draupadi ghat, Allahabad
Email Address: cda-albd@nic.in
Contact Number: 05322421867

Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh (Contact Number: 9389075910) and
Mr. Anshuman Sharma (Contact Number: 9936691809)
SPARSH Nodal Officer (Air Force)
PCDA Pensions Draupadi ghat, Allahabad
Email Address: sparshairforce.dad@gov.in
Contact Number: 9389075910, 9936691809

  1. PCDA (P) Prayagraj (head) : pcdapprayagraj.dad@gov.in
  2. SPARSH Call Centre: offr.record@gov.in
  3. JCDA (Air Force): dcdaaf-delh.cgda@nic.in
  4. JCDA, AF (CDA): dcdaaf_delh.cgda@nic.in,
  5. CGDA: cgda-atpension.dad@hub.nic.in,
  6. CGDA: cgda@nic.in
  7. CGDA (grievances): grievancecgda.dad@gov.in
  8. Financial Advisor and Joint Secretary Defence Finance: vedveerarya.dad@hub.nic.in
  9. Financial Advisor (Defence Finance): fads1-mod@gov.in
  10. Principal advisor (Defence Finance): geetachhabra.icoas@nic.in
  11. Pension Adalat: pensionadalat.dad@hub.nic.in
  12. Principal Director DAV: dav@iaf.nic.in
  13. DAV Directorate of Air Veterans: dav.airmen@gov.in,
  14. DPENGRAM: rakshapension@desw.gov.in,
  15. Department of Military Affairs: jsg@nic.in
  16. Defence Ministry II: mos-defence@gov.in
  17. Defence Ministry: rmo@mod.nic.in
  18. Secretary (Dept. of Ex-servicemen welfare): secyesw@nic.in
  19. Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare: jsesw@nic.in
  20. Secretary Kendriya Sainik Board: secretaryksb@gmail.com
  21. Joint Director (Grievances) KSB: jdgrievancesksb-mod@gov.in
  22. Deputy Secretary (CPENGRAMS): naresh.bhardwaj@nic.in
  23. Under Secretary (Co-ordination/CPENGRAMS): dutta.rk@nic.in
  24. Prime Minister’s Office: us-public.sb@gov.in
  25. Under Secretary (Petition) President’s Secretariat: us.petitions@rb.nic.in

You may know the detailed process of SPARSH Login and other info in our website www.esminfoclub.com     or to Read in hindi, kindly visit us at www.faujinews.com .

Contact Number and Physical Address :-

Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions),
Draupadi Ghat, Near Sadar Bazar, Prayagraj,
Uttar Pradesh – 211014.

SPARSH  Helpline number – 18001805325

Address for sending Letters :

Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions),
Draupadi Ghat, Prayagraj, PIN 211014

Contact Number of PCDA Office :
STD Code : 0532


STD Code : 0532

You may send an email to know any pension related matter to :


You may CALL on the ivrs number/ CALL CENTRE OF PCDA

Toll Free Number : 18001805325


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