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Confirm in a Minute आपका पेंशन SPARSH में मायग्रेट हुआ या नहीं

Yes now it is too easy to confirm if your pension has been transfered to SPARSH or not now using this simple method. The pension disbursement System of Defence Pensioners have been completely changed in this year . The phase wise migration from Bank to SPARSH has already been started from July 2021 and 100% Pension cases of retiring of Defence civilian and Combatants are being processed through SPARSH within a few months. Defence Pensioners are too confused on SPARSH related issues. Many of them have received msg on their phone or email ID regarding Login User name and Password of SPARSH.  But as on date most of pensioners have not received any Login User ID/name or Password till date. Some are confused whether, their mobile number and email ID is registered with PCDA or not.  Your doubt will be cleared after reading this article.

We can now categorise the entire defence pensioners based on SPARSH migration status into three categories :

Category I : Pensioners who have not received their SPARSH User ID and Password.  

SPARSH User ID/User name and Password will be received by the Pensioner concerned once it has been generated by the PCDA and communicated by them. They will send you as soon your data is migrated from Bank/DPDO to SPARSH. If you are a pre 16 pensioner, you should wait as the pension of pre-2016 pensioners are yet to be migrated. As soon as your pension system migrated from  Bank to SPARSH you will be intimated on your Bank/Adhaar registered mobile number and email ID both. If you have not linked any email ID in your bank, no matter, you will receive it through Mobile SMS. You don’t need to be worried. Your duty is to keep your bank  and adhaar linked mobile number live and updated. Check msg at least twice a week.  By April 2022, most of the pension cases of defence pensioners will be migrated to SPARSH.

How to know if my data has been migrated to SPARSH or Not ?

Yes, here is the tracking system available in SPARSH Portal that you can check if your profile has been migrated or not.  Follow these steps :

एक मिनट में पता करें आपका पेंशन SPARSH में मायग्रेट हुआ या नहीं

Step -1 : Click on the website link of SPARSH given below or type in your browser :

Step -2 : Keep the mouse on Services  menu button and then click on Track Migration status.

Step -3 : Select service :  Army   or Navy or Air Force

                Select R.O         : Your Record Office

               PPO NO             : Enter your PPO No here.

                Select PDA        : Select Bank option

               Click on the check box at left side of  “I, not a robot” tab

                Click on the button Validate and Proceed.

You may get a dialogue box mentioned:   PPO entered does not exist in our database.

So relax. Your date has not been migrated to SPARSH, it will take time.  Don’t be panic. Phase wise action is being done by PCDA.

Now, if you found a msg that your data has been migrated, then you must receive a msg containing user name and password. So check your mobile msg box and click on the login button at right top corner. After login, you should go to PDV using your adhaar identification or life certificate process.

Link of SPARSH Track Migration status :

Category 2 : Pensioners who have received their SPARSH User ID and Password. 

Once you receive user ID and Password, got to the above link and click on the login button at right top corner. Enter your user name and Password. After login, you should go to PDV using your adhaar identification or life certificate process. You will find a new PPO Number which is known as SPARSH PPO. Everybody will receive this PPO number and while you submit your life certificate in future, this PPO number should be mentioned.

To know more about login process, you may read this article also .

Category 3 : Pensioners who have received their SPARSH User ID and Password but unable to login.

                       Such pensioners should contact to the Nodal officer designate for your record office as per list available. To check the list of nodal officer please click here. 

More information of welfare of Exsricemen and Govt employees :


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