How to Login SPARSH with Life Certificate Submission Process for Defence Pensioners

Login to SPARSH Portal is too easy now. You might have received this msg that your pension has been migrated from Bank to SPARSH. PCDA Allahabad has informed you regarding this migration process. Don’t worry. SPARSH is very convenient and user friendly for defence pensioner. As usual, initially, you might have faced or facing some problem with this. But, it is very sure that in future, you will feel convenient with this new system of your pension.

In this article you will know what to do if you received such a message from PCDA (P), Allahabad.  Some pensioners mostly who have retired after 2010, have received SPARSH User ID an Password.  If you have not received your SPARSH User ID and Password till date, follow the steps mentioned in our article link mentioned at the bottom of this article.

Once you have received the SPARSH user ID and Password , you should login to the sparsh portal and follow the steps as mentioned below.  You may submit your life certificate through SPARSH or through Bank (as earlier you submitted). Detailed process of Life Certificate submission for defence pensioners are available here :

Those pensioners who has already been issued the SARSH user ID and password follow the simple steps :

Step I  :  Just brows to SPARSH Portal and login  using your user ID and Password already received in your mobile phone message.  If you have not received  it till date, kindly click here for remedial action.

Step-II  :  Firstly you should Change pass word in the SPARSH Portal, if you have not done it earlier.

Step –III : Complete acknowledgement process just clicking next buttons on the SPARSH Portal.

Step-IV :  Complete declaration just clicking next buttons and give OTP received in your registered mobile number linked to Adhaar.  You should put your Adhaar Number and linked mobile number here.

Now you have completed your SPARSH First login process.  You may check your documents , i.e  your PPO, Pension Slip, family detls, pension details, pension entitlement etc.  For Pre-2016 pensioners, you may not have access to visit all these sections. Don’t worry, it will be activated in your profile soon. If not done, within 30 days, must lodge a grievance using grievance redressal process at PCDA website.  You don’t  need to do any mandatory action in the SPARSH Portal other than the action mentioned above.

Now you can submit Life certificate using SPARSH Portal.  There two different options o submit life certificate in SPARSH Portal :

   1,  Digital Life Certificate (DLC) using biometric machine.

   2.  Manual Life Certificate (MLC), using form of Life Certificate signed by authority.

Submit Life Certificate in SARSH portal

You may now submit your life certificate using the SPARSH Portal just clicking on the left panel “Life Certificate/identification”  then in the right side main screen click on “perform life certificate/ identification”.

If you have your own fingerprint biometric device, then click on Aadhar. Otherwise click on manual life certificate (MLC).

Digital  Life Certificate through SPARSH

If you have opted Aadhar (DLC) option, you need to access the Aadhar linked mobile where you will receive the OTP thereafter the biometric scan of your finger print will be given. Just the follow the next steps to complete the process s appears in the screen.

Mannual Life Certificate (MLC) through SPARSH

If you are not comfortable with fingerprint machine (biometric) or you don’t have it, then you may choose the manual life certificate option.

To upload manual life certificate (MLC), firstly generate MLC Certificate number and note it down. Thereafter click on initiate request. You need to download the life certificate format from here and signed by pensioner and authenticate by a gazetted officer, it required to be scanned and uploaded to SPARSH Portal .  Once you have uploaded it here, the process is complete.

Submit Life Certificate Submission by Ex-Servicemen without SPARSH

If you don’t want to submit your life through SPARSH, you have the option to submit it in Jeevan Praman Portal DLC method.  However instructions issued by PCDA to all banks that for the year 2022,  banks will accept the Life Certificate from of SPARSH pensioners also (all defence pensioners) and further forward to PCDA . So, you may now submit your life certificate in bank also, as earlier.  If you have SPARSH PPO Number, must mention it in the Life Certificate form.

To submit Life Certificate of Defence pensioners who have already been migrated to SPARSH Portal, you need to opt following fields in your pension data while submitting DLC

(a)  Your PDA – SPARSH  PCDA Allahabad – for Army pensioners,  PCDA Navy  Mumbai – for Naval Pensioners,  PCDA AF Subroto Park – for Air Force Pensioners

(b)  Your PPO Number – Must be SPARSH PPO Number available in SPARSH Portal or click the link below to know your sparsh ppo number –

(c)  Type of Pensioners – SPARSH  ( Not Bank)

You may install SPARSH Mobile app. Just read the follwing artcle to know more about SPARSH Mobile App:


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