Strict warning For Exservicemen - SOP on ECHS Discipline Issued to continue Military Rules on Veterans

Strict warning For Exservicemen – SOP on ECHS Discipline Issued to continue Military Rules on Veterans

Whenever a policy is made, a scheme related to welfare, then how it should be operated, an SOP is prepared for it.

SOP means Standard Operating Procedure. Now we are talking about ECHS SOP. There are many SOPs in ECHS.

But the SOP that I am talking about today is that whenever someone does wrong practice in ECHS, misuses, misconducts, misuses the facility of ECHS, then the SOP prepared for disciplinary action against such an ECHS member, I am talking about it today. And this is why it is important to know that the ECHS card will be invalid if the SOP is not followed. What is that SOP? I will bring it in front of you.

SOP for disciplinary action against ECHS member.  What is its objective? First of all, let’s talk about its introduction. Many policies and procedures have been made to get smooth service in the recent past, many cases of ECHS facility misuses have come forward by members. And many declarations have been given wrong.

The declaration of facts has been given wrong by ECHS members. There has been a lot of reporting like this. And in today’s environment, the incidents of misconduct are increasing a lot by members.

So, to ensure that the functions of ECHS run smoothly, how to take disciplinary action for it, Its misuse and misconduct is being done by members. This is the introduction of SOP. This SOP has been prepared for this purpose.

What is its objective? What is its aim? Its simple aim is to lay down the action to be taken at various levels. That is, if any misconduct or misuse is detected, then what action is there at different levels for it? What is the responsibility of whom? It has been decided here. Now you will see areas of misuse here.

What are the areas? Where is it misused? For example, number one, seeking membership for ineligible dependents, i.e. your dependents who are not eligible, are not eligible, but take membership for them too. Second, not intimating change of status of dependent, i.e. the status of your dependents has changed, your child got married, your child got a job, its social economic status has increased, do not report it, keep it continued.

Next, seeking membership on fraudulent or tampered documents, which subsequently get detected, Next, availing the treatment facility, either in polyclinics or in penitent hospitals, for unauthorized individuals, the name on dependent members, i.e. get someone else treated in the name of the dependent.

Next, making false or frivolous complaint repeatedly, which is subsequently investigation or proved wrong, Next, availing facility from two schemes, i.e. you are an ECHS member, you are taking the facility of ECHS, but you are also taking the facility of CGHS, you are taking the facility of CGHS, later, if you are enrolled in the railway, then you are taking the facility there, or state, government, PSU, bank, in this way, you are working somewhere else, there too, you are allowed this treatment facility. 

So, taking this facility from both places, there is also such an incident, and look ahead, misconduct, including, abusing, criminally assaulting, threatening the polyclinic staff, preferring bogus or inflated claim for reimbursement, with intention to defraud, this incident is coming out in front, have not been admitted in the hospital, have been admitted, but that procedure has not been done, has not taken such a treatment, but they are signing the bill, are being claimed in this way, i.e. misuse of any kind, misuse, i.e. misbehaving, such incidents are happening, to stop all this, this SOP is ready.

Now in this, what are the steps in front of you, if so, then what to do, cases of misuse, public misconduct, will be reported immediately, to the concerned station headquarter, whose job is this, of the polyclinic, this is their job, that if there is such a case, then immediately report to the station headquarter, any other authority, who has observed the misuse, or misconduct, action to be, taken at various levels, are given in, succeeding paragraph.

If there is any other authority, like this, who knows, that this is wrong, that too has to be reported, and see what to do, what action to be taken, at the level of OIC polyclinic, case of misuse, public misconduct, will be reported immediately, on occurrence by OIC polyclinic, to concerned station headquarter, immediately to the station headquarter, who are related to him, they have to report, and what action has to be taken, at the level of station headquarter, this is the most important, which is for you.

On receipt of such report, about misuse, or misconduct, inquiry to be ordered, an officer has to be appointed, to do that inquiry. Second, an inquiry report shall be prepared, after due investigation, into the allegation, and forward to the station commander, along with recommendation, means, the officers who have been detailed, they have to do the complete inquiry, and have to recommend from their side, what should be done, what should be the outcome, has to be given to the station commander.

Thereafter, due consideration, of the inquiry proceedings, if the station commander, finds that, any person is, blameworthy, for the alleged misconduct, as mentioned in Paragraph 3, means, after the station commander, after investigation, finds that, any person is wrong, from the legal point of view, then in accordance with that, so called notice has to be issued, and in that, has to be specially mentioned, that what lapse has occurred, and to give reply to that, has to be given for 30 days, means, within 30 days, reply has to be submitted.

After this, next, the accused shall also be provided, with all documents, and evidence, addressed during the inquiry, means, that, that member, ECHS member, during the inquiry, whatever evidence is there, and documents, has to be provided to him, so that he can study them, and then within 30 days, submit that reply, after consideration the reply, and after expiry, the time mentioned, in the so called notice, means, whatever time you have given, either that, or the reply he has given to you, after considering that, if station commander concludes that, the misconduct, public misdemeanor, of minor nature, is established, he shall have power, to order suspension of membership, of the, blameworthy, for a maximum period of 6 months.

If the misconduct, of ECHS member, whatever mistake has been done by him, is of minor level, then station commander, his ECHS membership, can suspend, for 6 months, or copy of order, of the station commander, will also be given, to the accused, and that accused, will be given, the copy of the order.

In case of major misconduct, made a major mistake, then station commander, shall recommend, termination of his, or her membership, he can recommend, same will be forwarded, to central organization, ECHS, through, channel of command, means,  AG, means Adjutant General, will terminate the, membership of ECHS, permanently.  From AG branch, his membership, permanently, will be terminated, after this, what is, the option of appeal, a member accused, will be given, 30 days clear time, means, he will be given, 30 days time, that he, against, the decision, taken with him, by station commander, against that decision, within 30 days, he can appeal, on receipt, of the appeal, the MG, IC Adam, of headquarter command, will carry out, necessary, review, the appeal, and, endorse, his, remark, and forward to, central organization, ECHS, for necessary, exam.

Here, the MG, IC, Adam, will, study it, after taking decision, he will, endorse his remarks, forward to central organization, ECHS, for necessary, action, and, after this, in case, where decision, to terminate, of membership, is taken, if, termination, is done, and finally, terminated, the names, of such, exercise, shall be, highlighted, on the, website, and, wide publicity, given, through, concerned regional center.

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