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SPARSH is now an uninterrupted part of Defence pensioners life.  But it is well known that it causes difficulties to lakhs of Defence pensioners also. Though this problem arises due to introduction of new system and migration from legacy system to modern IT oriented digital system.  With time it also will be rectified and it is expected that within a couple of years SPARSH will function properly for 100%  Defence Pensioners. 

It is pertinent to mention here that lakhs of pensioners got their OROP arrears through SPARSH this year. We will discuss here general problems arises in SPARSH and its possible remedies as thousands and lakhs of pensioners experienced :

(a)   Non receipt of User ID Password :  Just confirm if your pension has been migrated to SPARSH or not. Follow the status check system available in the official website of PCDA or in our website www.esminfoclub.com . If your pension is already migrated to SPARSH, please complete PDV and Life certification process as per guidelies provided in sparsh hand book provided by Defence Ministry. You may read the article available in our website.  In case of migration not done till date, just lodge a grievance in official website of SPARSH.

(b)   User ID received but password not received :  Many pensioners may receive  Pension ID and getting pension through SPARSH but unable to login to SPARSH due to Password not received till date.  In this situation you should wait for 15 days and if still password not received on your mobile phone / password, just lodge a grievance or ask the nodal officer over phone as details available in the official website of SPARSH / esminfoclub.com .

(c)   User ID and Password received but unable to login :  In this problem, Firstly try to login using Forget Pasword Option.  If not resolved, try to contact Nodal Officer, PCDA (SPARSH).

(d)   Successfully logged in to SPARSH but failed to complete PDV :  PDV is very simple process. Just authenticate with your Adhar OTP and complete the acknowledgement  process and PDV.  In case of any difficulties, kindly contact the Nodal officers of SPARSH Service Centres available in almost all cities of India.  Details available in our websites (Click here).

(e)  Successfully logged in , PDV done but unable to update my documents :  Pre 2016 pensioners are still in waiting zone.  They need to wait until PCDA allows them to update their data on SPARSH Portal.  Post 2016 retirees, if faced any of such problem, kindly contact PCDA or local SPARSH Service centre.

Once your pension payment is started in SPARSH system, you will get pension directly from PCDA(P). In case of any complaint, you can register it using your own User ID and Password through Sparsh Portal, which will be resolved within the shortest time frame possible. Chances of discrepancy would be minimized, in fact an error free pension disbursement system would be put in place for defense pensioners. Life Certificate will also be done through SPARSH.

Know more aboyut sparsh here in our website. Not only SPARSH, each and every information related to Exservicemen is available in our website. Query of your SPARSH related problems may be shared with us as the format available at the bottom of this article.

To resolve your queries you may directly approached to the PCDA/ SPARSH or post your query here as format below to get a respose from the Team ESM Info Club. You will get response from our team within 72 Hours.


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