Download SPARSH PPO & Pension Slip from SPARSH Portal

4 Important Task in SPARSH for Defence Pensioners

Login process of SPARSH for Defence Pensioners

Login to SPARSH Portal is too easy now. You might have received this MSG  that your pension has been migrated from Bank to SPARSH. PCDA Allahabad has informed you regarding this migration process. Don’t worry. SPARSH is very convenient and user friendly for Defence pensioners. As usual, initially, you might have faced or facing some problem with this. But, it is very sure that in future, you will feel convenient with this new system of your pension.

Once you have received the SPARSH user ID and Password from PCDA, you should login to the SPARSH portal and follow the steps as mentioned below.  You will then be capable to see your pension regarding documents and information on SPARSH. Those pensioners who have already been issued the SPARSH user ID and password follow the simple steps :

How to Download SPARSH PPO & Pension Slip – Detailed Process

Step I  :  Just brows to SPARSH Portal and
login  using your user ID and Password already received in your mobile
phone message.  If you have not received  it till date, kindly lodge
a complaint at PCDA official website.

Step-II  :  After frst time login you should Change pass word in the
SPARSH Portal, if you have not done it earlier, do it now.

Step –III : Complete acknowledgement process just clicking next buttons on the
SPARSH Portal.

Step-IV :  Complete declaration just clicking next buttons and give OTP
received in your registered mobile number linked to Adhaar.  You should
put your Adhaar Number and linked mobile number here.

Now you have completed your SPARSH First login process.  You may now check your documents , i.e  your PPO, Pension Slip, family detaills, pension details, pension entitlement etc. 

You don’t  need to do any mandatory action in the SPARSH Portal other than the action mentioned above.

Four Important things you can do with SPARSH from Home

Submit Life Certificate through SARSH

Now you can submit Life certificate using SPARSH Portal.  Life errtifiate should be sublitted through SPARSH only for defence pensioners and not through Bank.  Because Bank isyou’re your pension disbursing authority. There two different options o submit life certificate in SPARSH Portal :

   1.   Digital Life Certificate (DLC) using biometric machine.
   2.  Manual Life Certificate (MLC), using form of Life Certificate signed

Before your due date you must take action.  To know your due date for life certificate, click on life certificate button on your SPARSH Profile.  In SPARSH it is necessary to submit Life certificate only in November.  You may submit the next Life certificate just before completion of one year of your last submission of Life Certificate.

Death Report and Family Pension Initiate of Any Exserviceman

Another important task you can do with the SPARSH Portal  is to reporting of Death and Claim Family pension.   Last month one of my  relative passed away who was in an Exserviceman.  When I contacted PCDA, they told me that the entire family pension claim after death of an exserviceman is done through SPARSH.  So , the guided me to download SPARSH app on mobile and  initiate death Report.  You may do it for any others also from your mobile.  You can help the family of an Exserviceman in this way. Once death report has been completed, initiate family pension.  You need not to have user ID Password of the  Deceased Ex-servicemen.

Update or correcction of Documents/ family details on SPARSH

The Third important task is to update your documents.  You can update your address, phone number, family details, service details and other information through SPARSH Portal.  It is alo feasible to lodge grievance here. 

Dwnload PPO, Pension Slip, Form 16 and other douments from SPARSH

after login, you will find the opton to download your form 16, PPO, Pension slip in the PDF Format. For Pre-2016 pensioners, you may not find your ePPO in the SPARSH as it is unde process and likely to be included very soon.

You may also know about how to login SPARSH, how to get SPARSH user ID and Password, How to lodge complaint in SPARSH, how to download pension slip in SPARSH, how to update family details in sparsh, how to update hoe address in sparsh. You may also know bout migration status of your SPARSH. Follow the steps given in to know if your pension has been trransfered to SPARSH or not. Know the phone numbers of SPARSH nodal officers of PCDA allahabad.


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