pension of oct why delay ?

Your Pension for October 2023 Credited by SPRSH to Bank?

SPARSH pension usually received in the bank account of the defence pensioners on the last working day of the month. Accordingly the veterans and defence pensioners expected to get their pension to be paid by the end of the last day of the month i.e 31 Oct 2023 for Oct 2023. Unfortunately it has not been been so for some pensioners in the last month.

I received so many calls and msgs regarding non receipt of Pension on 31 Oct 2023. But it has been found that a majority of pensioners have already received their pension credited through SPARSH to their bank account on 31 Oct.

Some pensioners are still waiting for the pension to be credited in their bank account. Last month, a large number of pensioners have not received pension on last day of the month. Delay caused in September due to large number of pensioners were migrated to SPARSH in the end of the month.

Arrears on account of increase in DR for the period from July to Oct 2023 has been credited already yesterday and this morning. People were eagerly waiting for the Pension for the month of Oct 2023.

According to SPARSH, Approximately 29.5 Lakh defence pensioners have alreadyt been migrated to SPARSH. As on date approximately 2.5 lakh pensioners are yet to be mnigrated to SPARSH. This month team SPARSH have also migrated a large number of defence pensioners to SPARSH. The exact number has not been updated on the SPARSH Portal.

November is very important for you all as Life certificate required to be provided as soon as possible. On SPARSH Portal, you may submit your Life certificate directly using your PC/Laptop/Mobile phone. To know more in this regard please click here.

If your pension has not been credited to your bank account, need not to be worried. It will be credited today or tomorrow. As the migration to SPARSH of 100% defence pensioners is being implemented in special drive, a little delay may be caused in transaction / transfer of pension to the beneficiary account.

How to submit Life Certificate on SPARSH Portal

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