Increase in Ex Serviceman Children Education Grant by KSB upto 60 thousand per Child – Check now

awwa grants for children of retired and deceased ESM

AWWA is a military welfare organisation functioning to lookafter the welfare families of of exservicemen. In the field of promoting education among the retireded and serving soldiers family, it has contributed a lot since its inception. In this article we will know about the Scholarship/education grant awarded by AWWA for children of ESSM in some special conditions.

AWWA is catering for education grant for the children of widows who’s husband dies after retirement from service. To cater for this grant AWWA as a fund known” AWWA scholarship fund”. Out of this fund AWWA Is paying education grant to the children from class I to XII as well as to students who are pursuing graduation/ post graduation course from various university. Due to escalation in education expenditure and major family pension of widows of ex-serviceman who died after retirement, a need was felt to revise the policy to increase a education grant.

Aim :-the aim of this revised policy is to increase education grant and lay down the guidelines for smooth disbursement of education grant to the deserving children of widow who’s husband have died after retirement.

Types of grants

Following revised grants will be granted to school and college going students:-

a) Education grant. Will be given as per details given below:-

Sl NoClassRates
1.I to VIIRs 10000/- Per Child Upto Two Children In One Academic Year
2.IX TO XIIRs 14000/- Per Child Upto Two Children In Academic Year
3.GRADUATIONRs 20000/- Per Child Upto Two Children In Academic Year
4.POST GRADUATIONRs 25000/- Per Child Upto Two Children In Academic Year
5.PROFESSTIONAL COURSES (I.E TECHNICAL GRANT)Rs 50000/- Per Child Upto Two Children In Academic Year  

To know details about the AWWA Welfare grants, kindly visit the official website of the AWWA –


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