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SPARSH Data Update

You have already received a msg from Bank/PCDA that your pension has been transferred to SPARSH PCDA Pension. SPARSH is now an uninterrupted part of the Life of Defence Pensioners. Due to mismatch in data with Adhaar and PPO/ service documents, various issues are rising. Govt of India, Ministry of Defenc has considered the problem and issued guidelines for all Record Offices which will help the defence pensioners to get their pension smoothly. Details are reproduced below :

Letter Issued by : Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) Adjutant General’s Branch Addl Dte Gen MP/MP 8(I of R) West Block-III, RK Puram Neelhi – 110 066

File No : 34891/SPARSH/MP-8(I of R)(ADP) dated 14 Feb 2023

All Record Offices


  1. Maximum Aadhaar numbers of migrated pensioners have been obtained from banks and updated in SPARSH by PCDA(P)/TCS. However, there are considerable numbers whose Aadhaars were not available with erstwhile PDAs/banks and such pensioners are required to update their Aadhaars in SPARSH through pre-login (Services <Update Aadhaar) or CSCs/SPARSH Service Centres on SPARSH Portal.
  • It was reported by Record Offices and Service Centres that many pensioners are unable to update their Aadhaar numbers due to demographic validation fails owing to minor mismatch in names in Aadhaar Card viz-a-viz PPO/Service Records eg:-
    • Abbreviated names in either document.
    • First, middle and last names jumbled up.
    • Spelling mismatches like Chouhan or Chauhan, Rathore or Rathour/Rathor, Choudhary or Chaudhary, Laxmi or Lumxi , Reeta or Rita etc.
    • Spaces like Raj Kumar or RAJKUMAR, Hari Haran or HARIHARAN etc.
    • Missing surnames like Thankamma or Thankamma N, Sangita or Sangita Kumari etc.

(g      Use of salutations or ranks eg Mr,Smt, Rav etc on either side.

  • To obviate the difficulties being faced by the pensioners, the matter was discussed in a high level meeting on SPARSH and it was agreed upon to allow pensioners to upload copy of Aadhaar Card on SPARSH for manual verification and authentication with digital signatures. The procedure is outlined as under :-
  • Such   requests  will   appear   in   the   IDs   of   Service   Initiators (Correspondence work list).
  • Image of Aadhaar Card will be available in ’My Documents’.
  • Genuineness should be established aher careful examination of the Aadhaar Card and Service Record.
  • If required, pensioners can be contacted on the given mobile No to ascertain the facts.
  • There may be mismatch in date of birth also which may be corrected/amended simultaneously or subsequently in terms of MoD (DSEW) letter No 1(11)/2009-D(Pen/Pol) dt 23 Dec 14 (Copy enclosed).

(g      Cases of complete mismatch in names with Service Record are liable to be rejected.

(g) Once the authentication in done by the Verifier through his digital signature token, the Aadhaar No will get updated in SPARSH.

  • Onus of correctness of the Aadhaar Number rests with the Record Offices as there is no further check at PCDA(P)/TCS
  • For information and necessary action please.

Brig MP 8 (I of R) for Adjutant General
Enclosures : As stated above. Copy to :-
JI CGDA (Pension) DIAV


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