Be Alert : Pension May be Stopped if Not Taken Action

Defence pensioners shuld take immediate action  as instructions received from their pension disbursing authority i.e PCDA Pension, Prayagraj.  As you know that defence pension disbursement system has now been fully changed and migrated to SPARSH.  PCDA has already  published notification and a long list of personnel who have not submitted their annual identification on SPARSH till date on their official website.

SPARSH Migrated Pensioners need to submit their Life Certificate/ Annual Identification from this year onwards using their migrate SPARSH PPO Number only. Submission of life certificate on SPARSH portal/ Jeevan Praman /Bank in any mode will comply the instructions of PCDA if you have mentioned  the SPARSH PPO Number only.  Old PPO number will not connect your present SPARSH  profile anyway and as per Govt Policy, pension may be stopped for non submission of Life Certificate/ annual identification.  You may check it if your pension has been migrated to SPARSH or not by clicking here.

A Detailed hand book has been published by Defence HQ on how to use SPARSH and submit life certificate.  Videos and guidelines also published by PCDA  for new users of SPARSH.  A number of articles on use of SPARSH are available in this website e also as list given below.

So, it is mandatory to check your pension migration status first.  If your pension has been migrated to SPARSH, you need to submit life certificate/annual identification using SPARSH PPO Number only by any means, otherwise your pension may be stopped from December onwards.

Those who have not been migrated to SPARSH till date, need not to be worried.  You may check our article regarding how to know if your pension migrated to SPARSH or not.


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