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Approx 16 Lakh Defence Pensioners have already migrated to SPARSH for payment of pension and all pension related functions.  Most of them have submitted mandatory declaration after login to SPARSH  portal. Many of them have submitted online Digital Life Certificate this year using SPARSH Portal or Jeevan Praman Portal.  Whatever may be the process, ultimately you need to get access SPARSH portal to get full information on your pension matter.

In other hand, many defence pensioners have not received any intimation or User ID and Password to login the SPARSH till date. Such pensioners are required to take actions as prescribed by PCDA which are enumerated below. SPARSH migration process is a phased manner project and all defence pensioners will be migrated to SPARSH within a few months. Just follow the steps below and get your SPARSH user ID Password now :

(i)             First of all you should know the possible reason of non-receipt of SPARSH Login Credential. The possible reason may include :

                (a)    Inactive mobile number and email.

                (b)   Your Mobile number and email not updated in SPARSH database.

                (c)    Your PPO is yet to be migrated to SPARSH.

(ii)         Now, you have two options to get your SPARSH User ID and Password.

                (a)    Update your mobile number o that you may get the credential on your mobile phone and email.

                (b)    Keep your mobile number and email functional and retrieve it using   Forgot password option.  To follow this option, you may find the SPRSH PPO Number on PCDA website. Click here to know your SPARSH PPO Number.  Your SPARSH User ID – just add 01 as suffix with your SPARSH  PPO Number/Pensioner ID.

(iii)           You have another to update your mobile  number. Go to official website of SPARSH and Click on Service – Update Mobile No, fill up the required details and click on ‘Validate & Proceed’ and follow the onscreen process.

Online CSD Smart Card Application Procedure From Home

To get more about SPARSH related information, click on the links below:-


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