Your SPARSH PPO is here : Download Now through Official Website

What is SPARSH PPO and How it can be Downloaded

Your SPARSH PPO number is now can be downloaded easily using the technique mentioned in ths article. All Defense pensioners are being migrated under SPARSH for disbursement of their pension. Just relax and stay connected with us. Our Sainik Club website has been launched for better lifestyle and happiness of Exservicemen community. We are with you, so, need not to be worried about your SPARSH Pension migration or any problems related to this. We are here to provide help and support through our websites.

SPARSH Smart Card for Defence Pensioners – Planning by MoD

You may read the other articles to know more about SPARSH. For more information related to your SPARSH Pension, You may visit the official website of Defence pension to know more about the SPARSH.

Pensioners who have not received login Id or unable to login please register your grievance on the SPARSH Portal. 

How do I Create a Sparsh Login ID and Password ?

You might hve received your OROP arrears or not, whatever may be, you will know about the details of your revised increased pension and amount of arrears from your corrigendum PPO available in your SPARSH profile.

SPARSH pensioners used to get their pension on the last day of the month. Whereas the Bank system pensioners still geting their pension credited on 25th of every month.

Know details here about your SPARSH PPO. Your pension may be revised as per OROP Table, so must check it now to know the actual increase in your pension due to OROP. Table No 7,8 and 93 is for you.

Defence pension payment system has been entirely changed within a couple of years. You might have experienced late payment of pension in your bank account since last few months due to implementation of SPARSH. This system is being implemented in phased manner for all defence civilian and Combatant personnel and officers. 

Some have received their new PPO Number and some may not received. After go through this article you will be able to guide people to find out the SPARSH PPO Number within a minute. You will get the answer of your question How to know sparsh ppo number here.

To submit your life certificate through SPARSH you need to put your new SPARSH PPO Number. Question is that where you will get your new SPARSH PPO Number without login to SPARSH Portal. If you already have SPARSH User ID Password, then it is not a problem to find your PPO Number in your SPARSH Profile.

But, if you dont have SPARSH User ID Password or unable to login SPARSH Portal, you may follow this process. Just follow the process given here and you will get your New SPARSH PPO Number. If no PPO Number is showing, then kindly wait for a couple of week, your case in this situation may be kept pending and will be migrated to New system soon. To Know about how to get user ID and Password soon, you may click here.

How to check your SPARSH PPO Number ?

Visit SPARSH website: 
• Go to “Services” 
• Under ‘Track’, click on “Know Your SPARSH PPO and Identification Status” 
• Under ‘Unique Identifier’ click on “Select an Option” and select any of the following option 

  1.  Bank Account No. 
  2.  Personal No. 
  3. SPARSH No 
  4. E PPO No. 

    Now Enter the values as per the selected ‘Unique Identifier’. Click on “Search”. 

Once you have been migrated to SPARSH, the details of the pensioner will be generated to including the SPARSH PPO No. 

Step – III : Now put the number of (Bank A/c/ePPO/Regtl No etc) whatever you opted and put the captcha result at image verification box. Then press on submit button

The new PPO number will appear mow on the screen.

 If you find the msg – Your insert Record Not Match 

then it is confirmed that your pension data has not been migrated to SPARSH. To lodge a grievance regarding migration pending, you may follow the roess mentioned in our dedicated website managed by Bikash De, Chief Editor :

Link of PCDA SPARSH Website –

To know about the latest position of OROP Arrears and Revised PPO click here.

To know more about migration status to SPARSH kindly read the article below :


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