orop full arrears after 20 march to all

Full Arrears of OROP after 20 March : Order of Supreme Court May Bring Good News

Worried of OROP Arrears and increase in Pension ?  Lets know the reality and it is assured that you will know everything about the ongoing issues related to OROP.

According to the PCDA Circular No 666, your OROP Arrears will be paid in 4 equal installment each in every and later on Circular No 667 dt 28 Feb 23 issued by PCDA duly mention the provision for payment of full arrears at one go.

Within a few days, on 2nd March the Circular No 667 was deleted from the public domain  and PCDA paid only one installment ( one fourth) of OROP arrears violating their own circular No 667.

Thousands of Ex-servicemen got the arrears amount credited from PCDA in March 2023.  Most of them are confused if this amount is full and final or it is an installment amount.  

You must know about the recent development of OROP revision of pension of armed forces.  On 4 Jan 2023, MoD published circular regarding implementation of OROP and on 20 Jan, a detailed table published by MoD.  On the basis of them, Circular No 666 Published by PCDA which denotes the revised pension of all categories of personnel of Armed Forces retirees.  You must check the table to know your increase in pension.  Table No 7 & 8 is for JCOs OR service pension and Table No 93 is for their Disability pension (element).

In the instructions of  PCDA of Circular 666 it was decided that the arrears will be pauid in 4 equal installment after 6 months each.  But another circular No 667 published on 28 Feb 2023 consequent upon orders of Supreme Court to pay full arrears by 15 March 2023.    IESL filed an MA to Supreme Court regarding payment of arrears of OROP at one go.  The apex court accepted the prayer and released verdict accordingly on 27 Feb 2023.  But it has been noticed that the Circular No 667 disappeared from the website of PCDA, magically on 2nd March 2023.

It is amazing that the MA filed by IESL for payment of OROP Arrears at one go is still pending and will be heard on 20 March 2023.  It is expected that court will give justice to the veterans who are waiting for their entitled pension since last four years and they will get full arrears at one go.  No Armed Forces Pensioners ( except Widowed and battle casualty cases & Gallantary award winners) got the full arrears of OROP till date.

However, you may check your pension slip or corrigendum PPO in SPARSH to make sure that your pension has been revised under OROP and actual revised pension amount also may be confirmed from there. All ESM are eagerly waiting for the upcoming verdict of Appex Court on the Court case (MA) to be heard on 20 March.


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