Solution of Your SPARSH Related Problems : Q&A


Your pension migrated to SPARSH pension system. You must have received User ID and Password but facing some problems. PCDA or any Defence pension authority is not responding satisfacctorily. In this situation you may get a solution of your problems related to SPARSH here.

Question No-1: How can I migrate to SPARSH? 

Answer No-1: You and me can NOT transfer your pension acct from Bank to SPARSH system. This will be done by your Bank’s CPPC, which will send your PPO, Account details, Adhaar Card, PAN Card, Life Certificate, Mobile number and Email ID to SPARSH. When Bank send your account to SPARSH, they will intimate you through a SMS. So, as long as have not got SMS, you are not transferred.

Question No-2: I have received SMS from Bank that, my account is migrated to SPARSH but why I have not received User ID and Password till date?

Answer No-2: Wait for 1 week to 2 months time. SPARSH will create your account and a new PPO and Pension Slip will be prepared. Then SPARSH will intimate the New PPO No, User ID and Password through SMS to your registered mobile number with bank. Log into the the SPARSH and see your new PPO, Pension Slip and other information. After transfer to SPARSH, monthly pension will be directly credited by SPARSH into your same Bank Account on the last day of every month. If you don’t get User ID, suffix 01 after PPO No and use forget Password option.

Question No-3: I have not received revised pension and OROP-II arrears with March Pension. Why?

Answer No-3: All pensioners will get revised OROP-2 pension from next month. However, schedule for arrear payments is as follows:-

(a) All widows, family pensioners, Disability Pensioners, Gallantry Award winners will get entire arrear by 30/04/2023.

(b) All pensioners above 70yrs age will get entire arrears in one or more installments by 30/06/2023.

(c) All remaining ESM will get arrears in 3 equal installments, by 30/08/23, 30/11/23 and 28/02/24.

Question No-4: Is SPARSH PPO required? If so where do I get it?

Answer No-4: Yes after you have been migrated, the new SPARSH PPO is the valid PPO and old PPO, received during retirement is no longer valid. You can download SPARSH PPO from the SPARSH website after logging in.

Your SPARSH PPO is here : Download Now through Official Website

Question No-5: There are plenty of mistakes in my SPARSH PPO. What should I do?

Answer No-5: You don’t have to do anything now if in your Service Records that data is correct. After 10/15 days, SPARSH will allow Personal Data Verification (PDV). That time you can correct your wrong data in SPARSH website directly.

Question No-6: My correct Adhaar Card and PAN Card Numbers are Not Available in SPARSH website. What to do?

Answer No-6: You may visit your pension Bank and ask manager to upload Life Certificate and KYC data into the system. Also Email same data to :-
Copy to:-

Question No-7: My wife’s DOB is shown as 01/01/3001 or date of death is shown in SPARSH PPO. How to correct?

Answer No-7: Don’t correct. These are SPARSH website errors, will slowly get corrected by the system.

Question No-8: I am getting pension from SPARSH but no TDS is being deducted. Why?

Answer No-8: It is because SPARSH is not yet connected with IT system. Please pay your tax directly to your bank and keep receipt, which you wil require in Jul 23 to file IT Return.

Question No-9: I Have recently got transferred to SPARSH. Do I need to submit Life Certificate again?

Answer No-9: LC is required within two months after migration to SPARSH. Please log into your account in SPARSH and check next Identification due date. Accordingly submit LC.

Question No-10: Do I need to submit LTA FORM-A to bank?

Answer No-10: If you have a JN-PPO and Joint pension acct in bank with your wife then you don’t need to submit Form -A for LTA arrears. But widows and other single pensioners, should submit Form-A to nominate child/children to receive money left in the account after your demise. Otherwise your children have to get Legal Heir Certificate, which is difficult to get.


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