LMC Soldiers with Obesity will be Discharged from service by 30 April 2024

lmc obesity will be discharged compulsoryly

Armed Forces of our country is the strongest one of the world and soldiers are brave, young, skilled and always ready to win the battle. To keep the forces young, capable and efficient, MoD has recently taken a step to lineup the soldiers free from obesity.  The Record offices has issue warning letters to the units to upgrade the medical category of the LMC persons who have been downgraded due to Obesity. They ned to upgrade their medical standard to SHAPE-1 within 60 days else they will be discharged from service after minimum terms of engagement as per AR 13.

We know that the Indian armed forces are capable in many ways to make the country stronger to fight against all odds and external aggrassion.  Some qualities of the Indian soldiers are enumerated here – 

Indian soldiers exhibit numerous positive qualities and contribute significantly to the defense and welfare of the nation. Some of the notable positive aspects of Indian soldiers include: 

They are known for their unwavering commitment to the nation. They display a strong sense of patriotism and dedication to safeguarding the country’s sovereignty and interests. The Indian military places a high emphasis on discipline and professionalism. Soldiers undergo rigorous training to instill these qualities, resulting in a disciplined and well-trained force.

In various operations and war as witnessed, soldiers demonstrate exceptional courage and valor, especially in challenging and hostile environments. Many have shown exemplary bravery in the face of adversity, receiving awards for gallantry for their acts of valor. The Indian armed forces are equipped to operate in diverse terrains, from deserts to mountains to coastal areas. Soldiers display adaptability and versatility, efficiently handling different geographical and climatic conditions.

We have experienced that Indian soldiers actively participate in humanitarian and disaster relief operations, both within the country and internationally. They play a crucial role in providing aid and support during natural disasters and emergencies. The armed forces reflect India’s diversity, with soldiers from various linguistic, cultural, and religious backgrounds working together as a cohesive unit. This unity in diversity is a strength that contributes to the effectiveness of the military.

Indian soldiers undergo rigorous training that not only enhances their combat skills but also equips them with a range of technical, medical, and logistical capabilities. This training ensures a well-rounded and skilled military force. They actively participate in United Nations peacekeeping missions around the world. Their contributions in maintaining peace and stability in conflict zones are widely recognized and appreciated.

Soldiers often engage with local communities, fostering a positive relationship between the military and civilians. This engagement helps in building trust and understanding between the armed forces and the society they serve. Indian soldiers demonstrate a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Their commitment to the defense of the nation and the well-being of its citizens is a cornerstone of their service.  Overall, the positive attributes of Indian soldiers contribute significantly to the defense capabilities of the country and reinforce their role as guardians of peace and security.

The communications issued by one of the record office (only relevant portion ) is reproduced here :-

Letter to All units of the Corps –

Para 2 – Details of LMC Pers (P2) in obesity are att as per Appx ‘A’ & B of pare 4 of IHQ of MoD (Army) letter quoted at para 1 (a) above, JCOs/OR who have been downgraded to LMC (P2) (P) due to obesity will not be given sheltered appointment as per AO 3/2001 and they will be discharged from service after contractual pd of service as per AR-13. Hence, all units/ Fmns are requested to instr all affected indl to get upgrade their LMC within 60 do from the dt of signing of this letter and fwd completion report to this office without fail. Otherwise, if not upgraded to acceptable med cat by 30 Apr 2024, disch order will be issued within six months as per policy in vogue. Retn of the LMC pars beyond the contractual pd of service will be irregular and onus resp rest with your Fmn/ unit, for any legal complication raise at later stage. 

Issuing auth –  Senior Record Officer .



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