OROP Arrears 1st Instalment Paid

OROP Arrears Paid to Lakhs of Military Pensioners

Reality of OROP Arrears : Check your Account

Lakhs of defence pensioners received their 1st installment of OROP in these days.  Some have already received earlier.  It’s time to enjoy for the Armed Forces Pensioners who got credited their OROP-2  Arrears from SPARSH PCDA Pension Allahabad.   In other hand a large number of Defence pensioners are still waiting  for their arrears eagerly, checking their bank account frequently, calling ESM friends if they have received arrears or not.  

The effected pensioners have already received their Corrigendum PPO in Feb & 1st Week of Mar 2023 and  their pension increased as per  OROP New Table 2023.  A sample copy of the Revised Corrigendum PPO has already been published in our website www.esminfoclub.com earlier.  As per information received from environment, a large number of defence pensioners have already received First installment of their OROP Arrears in last month and some in this month also. Now what about them who have not received their Arrears till date ?

As you know that as per PCDA Circular No 666 and MoD, DESW letter dated 20 Jan 2023, ORIOP Revision will be completed soon and arrears will be paid in four equal installment each after six months.  Supreme Court has ordered to pay the arrears of OROP as per schedules available in this website (click here to know).  Orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on on 27 Feb to pay full arrears by 15th  March 2023 is no more effective now.

Accordingly, PCDA published Circular No 667 on 28th Feb 2023 with an information that OROP Arrears from July 2019 will be paid at one go by 15th March 2023. The Circular No 667 has been withdrawn accordingly and new schedule of OROP arrears payment has been released.

But suddenly on 2nd March 2023, the Circular No 667 vanished from the official website of PCDA.  There was no information regarding reason for removal of this Circular.  It may be so that the Defence Pension authority might have decided not to comply the order of Hon’ble Supreme Court.

What Happened with Thousands of Military Pensioners

Finally on  6th March 2022 Arrears of OROP paid to thousands of defence pensioners which is only the one fourth of the total arrears amount.  So, it is clear that only first installment has been paid by PCDA.  The IESM and other defence pensioners are ready to file a case of Contempt of Court , if the PCDA failed to implement the Court order.

To know the reality you should aware of the information disseminated to banks by the SPARSH Allahabad. To Read Welfare News in hindi you may visit www.faujinews.com

What to do now for Non-Payment of Arrears

Those who have received corrigendum PPO and their pension revised as per new OROP-2 Table, may not receive 1st installment of arrears till date.  Such pensioners need not to be worried.  I have checked the facts with the concerned nodal officer of SPARSH (Army Pension) and they have confirmed that the payment of arrears is an ongoing process and will be completed in phased manner. All applicable Armed Forces Pensioners will get their increased pension and arrears in due course, need to have patience. So, need not to be worried. Your turn will come soon.


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