PCDA Issued Corrigendum PPO : OROP Arrears 2nd Installment scheduled

Lakhs of Defence pensioners have received Corrigendum PPO till April 2023 and  their pension increased as per  OROP New Table 2023.  A sample copy of the Revised Corrigendum PPO is given below for reference. As per information recived from environment, a large number of defence pensioners have already received First installment of OROP Arrers in Feb 2023 and remaining amount of arrears will be paid soon starting from June 2023 onwards. Lets see the corrigendum PPO as per OROP table 2023 :

Message from SPARSH to SBI & other banks

Most of the pensioners have already received arrears of OROP-II and enhanced pension due to OROP -II by for Bank drawn pensioners are releasing in phased manner. Bank drawn pensioners have to wait some more time as the work is in progress.

1.     Arrears paid to many Pensioners on account of OROP -2  by Defence Pension authority.   
2.    Pension for all eligible and applicable pensioners revised by  PCDA through SPARSH System till 30 April 2023.   Remaining most of the pensioners got their corrigendum by May 2023.   So, some pensioners have already received more pension than previous months on 30 April 2023.  Remaining Who have received Corrigendum ppo by 20 April 2023, have got revised and increased pension in April 2023.

3.    1st installment of OROP Arrears have already received by most of the pensioners and fresh schedule of 2nd installment of OROP arrears will be paid as per schedule released by MoD on 29 April 2023. PCDA will take attempt  to complete it as porescribed by MoD in their instructions .  No effect of any court case is there.  As you know that IESM has filed a case (MA) in the Appex Court recently demanding payment of entire arrears of OROP at one time and NOT in four installment. The case has been finalised and detailed revised schedule of OROP Arrears payment released by MoD on 29 April 2023


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